Monday, 30 June 2014

Glamorous Reception Bridal Look

Hello Everybody, 

Hope you guys had a great weekend. Past week had been little slack for the blog as I had not updated anything new, apologies for that,  had been tied up with some very challenging issues at my end which consumed most of my time and energy.

I like to be totally fresh and at my creative best to share my experiences with you all on the blog.  Nevertheless here I am today with my Second Bridal Look.  Yes ! I was back in action churning my mind where it works best and that is working with all mix and match of colors as soon as I closed all the demanding issues.

On the flip side there is a forced break from Make up looks for few days, being Ramadan, will be fasting this whole month and accommodating make up looks will be little difficult.  But folks I can never disappoint you all and will update lot of other interesting stuff on the blog, so stay connected. 

Coming back to this weekend I tried two different looks, the first one is a heavy bridal look and the second one is simple day look.  So watch this space for more. 

My second bridal look,  have kept Farah's (my younger sister) bridal attire (which is a pastel peach color with gold work overall and cut work on the Lehenga  shhhhh… it’s a secret still ok) for the reception in my mind and worked out this bridal look for her.  Don't want to reveal her bridal attire and spoil the surprise element, the outfit you see in the picture is a supplement outfit and not her original reception one. 

This is a heavy smokey look with glitter and false lashes. Since her attire for the reception is going to be in light pastel color, its her make up which requires to light up her face and make it look lively. Leave a lasting impression on everybody's mind, its your wedding day and people will be staring at your face all the time. 

If you are wearing heavy loaded outfit, go light with your make up and if your wearing pastel / light colors go heavy with your make up, this way it looks graceful, classy and not overly done. My earlier look was more on the traditional side , this one is more modernized.

Lets check out the Glamorous Reception Bridal Look

Sunday, 22 June 2014

My Envy Box - June Edition

When you receive a gift, there is whole lot of excitement and happiness just to know whats inside the box. The surprise factor adds to the element, I find the subscription boxes similar to a gift box. Though you pay for it but you don't know which products you have received this time,  which adds to the eagerness and gives a thrill to unwrap the box.
I heard some really great reviews about the Envy Box, mostly from the fellow bloggers. Subscribed for one month (June 2014) subscription box  and thought to check whether its worth all the hype. 

In case if you are not aware of Envy Box then let me explain. 

Envy box is a beauty subscription box which provides you with five samples of high end luxury brand.  The whole idea is, you get to use five luxury products samples at a reasonable price. The samples are good enough to be used for 2-3 times. You also get to know, how does the product fare on your skin. If you like any of the samples after usage, you can order a full size product.

This I believe is a fantastic idea, provided that lot of luxury brand has a tie up with such kind of company's as Envy Box. I like to see variation in my box, repeated products from the same brands does not excites me.

Price : 
1 Month Subscription:  Rs. 850/-  
3 Month Subscription:  Rs. 2225/-
6 Months Subscription : Rs. 4350/-
1 year Subscription : Rs. 8500/-

Lets take a peek what I got in my Envy Box and which product I liked the most.
 This is how the box looks like, came in Lilac color , which to me,  is appealing and feminine. So thumbs up for the packaging

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Benefit - How To Look The Best At Everything

Hello Friends,

Hope the week is going great for all of you, for me its pretty hectic, balancing work home and what not. 

Recently I had posted about my Sephora Haul from China,  in which there was this beautiful kit of " How to Look The Best At Everything by Benefit". This kit comes in three shades  Light, Medium and Deep. 

As per my skin-tone, I chose to go with Medium shade which I feel would be apt for me. I love the idea of receiving more than one product in a package but at the same time the products being in a miniature size makes it too cute to use them .

What it is:
A four-piece flawless complexion makeup kit exclusive to Sephora.

What it does:
Benefit’s custom skin perfectors come together in this convenient kit to give you an even, luminous complexion. Blend away imperfections and minimize the appearance of pores with the must-haves in this collection.

Monday, 16 June 2014

Exquisite Bridal Look

My dearest little sister is getting married in month of October. With her bridal attire in place, we thought about experimenting with bridal looks.

I have seen so many people struggling to get a good make up artist to make them look beautiful on their wedding day. Many a times, it so happen, you might not like the make up that's done but being the last moment you cant do much about it but feel frustrated and upset.

Wedding day is a very special day of your life and hence its time to be in spotlight.  I will be doing couple of bridal look before we finalize on any two look, one for the wedding and another one for the reception. 

Bridal look can be little tricky, if not done properly you can look like a made up doll. I always prefer to do a trial before doing the final make up,  as lot of things needs to be taken into consideration. You can't take chances and mess up someone's special day. 

So this is what I tried this weekend, to me this look is traditional yet classy.


Friday, 13 June 2014

Mac Addiction - Goldmine And Melba

Whenever I spot a Mac store in near vicinity, it gives me a feeling of excitement, my heart skips a beat realizing that I am going to burn a hole in my wallet before the feeling of excitement returns :)

When you enter a Mac store, its not one product that you are attracted to, I don't know whether all the ladies out there feel the same but this is how I  feel.

Mac has some very beautiful colors in eyeshadow and this time one particular shade caught my eye, a gorgeous gold eyeshadow which would look great,  teaming up with other colors. The second product which was on my wish list for a long time was Melba blush and at the first available opportunity I purchased it.

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

My Pot of Gold - Clinique Even Better Concealor

How many times have you envied perfect radiant skin of a model or an actress appearing on the television?  In actual reality, no one is flawless or perfect. With the help of some really good and wonder products you can conceal all your flaws and get that perfect radiant flawless skin which you  envy in others. 

So far I have seen people complaining that though I am using the concealer of X brand but they don't do a great job.  To start with.....for different problems there are different solutions, like wise for different dark circles there are different concealer's available in the market. You just need to identify them as per your requirement and which one suits you best. 

I was earlier using Kryolan Orange Brightener + Concealer which was doing a great job but wanted to try something else. My first stop was Mac, as I had heard some really great reviews about Pro Long Wear Concealer. Though lot of people might swear on this product but I was not convinced with the Pro Long Wear Concealer as it did no give me a satisfying result, so from there I straight away headed to Clinique store  which was just next to Mac in Palladium Phoenix.

Clinique has come up with a range of "Even Better Concealer". Looking at my dark circles the SA advised me Orange Brightener + Concealer in Honey Comb. So my one eye had Mac Pro Long Wear Concealer and the other eye was concealed with the two combo from Clinique. I could see the huge difference the Clinique Concealer was making to my eye. I checked in normal lights as the store lights were brightly lit up and without wasting much time I bought the duo.

Monday, 9 June 2014

Soft Black Smokey Eyes

Sultry smokey eyes,  looks dam sexy or worst nightmare, depends on how you do it.  Hello Smudges ! and you are all messed up. Black smokey eye is great for evening wear. For this particular look dark circles are a big no no, hence make sure you conceal them properly.

Black smokey eye delivers a sexy and more defined look.  I have kept my look soft and wearable.

It's easy to create this look if you have more control over placing the required eye shadow correctly and take small baby step without rushing the whole process. Smokey eyes look prettiest when it pops out against minimal make up hence rest everything has been kept sober,  here less is more.  False lashes is a must for this look as it adds more dimensions to the eyes.

Friday, 6 June 2014

Fashion Haul - Apparels & Accessories

Every season I like to update my wardrobe, there is something or the other that you want to buy as the season changes or maybe that's just an excuse to buy new stuff :),  its been a while that I did a fashion haul. Today's review is about all that I have purchased in past few months .

Love wearing accessories but at times, tend to be lazy. Window shopping is something that really makes me happy, don't much prefer a planned shopping. 

I like to pick fancy rings and have a collection of it. Today, will share the new addition in this collection along with some apparels that I have randomly picked from different places.

To start with ....

The below shirt is from Anabelle,  picked up from Pantaloons. This shirt looks so cute with those small hearts all over.  Comfortable, chic and feminine.

Price : Rs. 899/-

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

3 Products - Oriflame Lipstick, Loreal Matte Moist Lipstick and Inglot Body Sparkle

Good shades in lipsticks are hard to resist. I have picked up two very different shades, one from Oriflame Beauty Studio Artist Lipstick and the other one from Loreal Matte Moist range.  Loreal recently launched their Matte Moist Lippies and everyone are going ga ga over it.  I am going to review these two beautiful shades of lipstick along with Inglot Body Sparkle which I am so obsessed about.

Oriflame Beauty Studio Artist Lipstick - Moroccan Pink

 What it claims
Creamy shine without shimmer! A satin-smooth texture in warm, muted shades for perfectly luscious lips with a flawless finish. The creamy, comfortable formulation moisturizes your lips, leaving them feeling as wonderful as they look. The specially designed bullet shape means expert precision when applying.

Price : Rs. 499/-

Monday, 2 June 2014

Maleficent - Make up Look

Saturday evening went to watch Maleficent at PVR Imax, I must say the experience was awesome and worth watching. Angelina Jolie completely inhabited the role of an evil fairy, she looked flawless in her appearance as well in her role. Her hyper chiseled raised cheekbone, courtesy of prosthetic make up has been the talk of the town.

After watching the movie , I was excited like a little girl and straight away headed to Mac Store and checked Maleficent collection.  It was there on the display launched on 30th May 2014. The collection is mostly red and neutral as portrayed by the make up of Angelina Jolie in the movie.  Mac had an opportunity to go with new colors for the release, but the colors in the squad looked very similar to the ones that they already had.

After watching Maleficent,  I so wanted to try the make up look worn by Angelina Jolie. I made an attempt for this look minus few things like the prosthetic raised cheekbone, horns and of course her iconic lens. Minus all these and the digital gimmicks this is what I came up with.  Closest to me being evil :)) 

In this look, the eye make has been kept neutral just the pop of yellow above the crease, with heavy contouring and red lips.

Let's check the look.

Sunday, 1 June 2014

Handmade Woolen baby frock, booties and cap

For centuries woolen clothing have been used for dressing up babies. It gives a nice warm and cozy feeling. Woolen clothes are also ideal for gifting purpose. Babies need that extra care and comfort, what could be better than handmade booties, caps and frocks

Have come across some really cute handmade baby clothes, lets take a look at these adorable stuff.