Wednesday, 11 June 2014

My Pot of Gold - Clinique Even Better Concealor

How many times have you envied perfect radiant skin of a model or an actress appearing on the television?  In actual reality, no one is flawless or perfect. With the help of some really good and wonder products you can conceal all your flaws and get that perfect radiant flawless skin which you  envy in others. 

So far I have seen people complaining that though I am using the concealer of X brand but they don't do a great job.  To start with.....for different problems there are different solutions, like wise for different dark circles there are different concealer's available in the market. You just need to identify them as per your requirement and which one suits you best. 

I was earlier using Kryolan Orange Brightener + Concealer which was doing a great job but wanted to try something else. My first stop was Mac, as I had heard some really great reviews about Pro Long Wear Concealer. Though lot of people might swear on this product but I was not convinced with the Pro Long Wear Concealer as it did no give me a satisfying result, so from there I straight away headed to Clinique store  which was just next to Mac in Palladium Phoenix.

Clinique has come up with a range of "Even Better Concealer". Looking at my dark circles the SA advised me Orange Brightener + Concealer in Honey Comb. So my one eye had Mac Pro Long Wear Concealer and the other eye was concealed with the two combo from Clinique. I could see the huge difference the Clinique Concealer was making to my eye. I checked in normal lights as the store lights were brightly lit up and without wasting much time I bought the duo.

Clinique Claims .... 
Creamy, stay-put concealer with Vitamin C helps cover dark spots and discolorations. Skin looks brighter, more even-toned. Available in 12 natural-looking shades.

Price for Orange Brightener : Rs 1600/-
Price for Honey Comb Concealer : Rs 1700/-

My Experience with Clinique Even Better Concealer 
It comes in small frosty jar with a silver cap. The jar looks really small for the price it comes in but the good news is, very little is required to conceal the dark circles. The consistency is more like a cream type, I use a brush to apply this product, application is smooth, blends well and sink in accurately without looking cakey.

Orange Brightener


Gives you a good coverage and a very natural appearance. I am so loving this product off late,  that I would highly recommend this to everyone as a must have in your  collection. Though it is expensive but worth every single penny. I have recently used this concealer in my Maleficient Make up look

SP Rating : 4.5/5

That was my experience with Clinique Even Better Concealer, I hope its informative and helpful. Do let me know your experience if any of you are using The Even Better Concealer Range.


  1. For me too, concealing my undereye circles is a big challenge. I think I should try out this Clinique combo too.

    1. I am a big Mac Lover but not so biased also when something does not work for me. Trust me ... I found this concealer very effective. Try it out !!!

  2. I am surr it is the perfect one. good to know how to cober all dark circlrs. mine are horrible and the part I have to work on the most.
    let's support each other.

    1. Any look would be incomplete if you don't conceal the dark circles.

  3. Loving the product from the planning to get the duo

    1. Take a small demo and once you are satisfied with the result then only buy it.