Monday, 2 March 2015

VLCC Melia Face Wash

Hello Everyone,

Happy Tuesday  !

Start of the week and there's still a long wait before weekend arrives. I had a lovely time this weekend. Thanks to the beautiful weather we had in Mumbai. Just the right weather to enjoy a long drive with some nice soothing music. 

We drove all the way to Lonavla, had lunch and enjoyed the rains before finally coming back home at night. It was the most awesome time spend after ages. 

Today's post ... 

I am going to review a face wash from VLCC which I discovered during one of my grocery shopping :)

Whatever is the agenda when you move out of the house, you end up picking more stuff then what is required... I guess that's how we women's are.

Was using Vichy Normaderm since years and its kind of staple on my bathroom shelf, but seriously speaking I was kind of bored using it since years and needed a break hence picked up a face wash from VLCC for a change, that does not mean I am not going to use Vichy Normaderm Face Wash. You know its just kind of breaking the routine before you again go back routine.... if that makes sense.

Price : Rs. 135/-

My Opinion on VLCC Melia Face Wash 

It comes in a fat tube form, easier to use and carry around in your purse.  The face wash is in a light green color . Have been using this face wash for more than a month now and thought its the right time to review it on the blog. 

The quantity is right for the price it comes in. Suitable for normal to oily skin. The ingredients are natural hence no harm to the skin. Helps keeps pimples at bay, purifies the skin without giving that drying effect.

If I compare the price of Vichy Normaderm which is like around Rs. 1000/- this sure is much affordable and equally effective.  It also help to control oil secretion, gently washing face yet keeping it moisturized 

After wash the face looks clean and fresh.  If you are looking out for a good budgeted face wash then I recommend you should give VLCC Melia face wash a try. There is one more face wash from VLCC in the same range which has a goodness of Tumeric and that I suppose is for all skin types. 

SP Rating : 4.5/5 

Final Verdict

If you have normal to oily skin and are looking out for a good budgeted face wash then this is it 


  1. Oh, wow, I'm really impressed by the ingredients list! All-natural ingredients. :-O

    1. Yes all natural ingredients Tammy hence worth a try and no harm to skin

  2. i really like vlcc products.this sounds like a good face wash.thanks for sharing

  3. VLCC never suited me somehow..but this looks great and budget-friendly so giving it a try won't hurt the pocket :)