Friday, 29 April 2016

Miss Claire Prestige Liquid Eye Liner

Life has changed completely post delivery. Everything is on a fast track.... but I am kind of enjoying this phase of life. Been really busy as there was a wedding in the family but now all settled and here I am. Will be sharing few pictures of the wedding attire at the end of this post.

Me and my sister had fun getting ready for the occasion. We decided to go all traditional with the saree and messy bun .......ekdum filmy :)) 

Coming to today's post , where I am reviewing a Liquid Eye Liner from Miss Claire...

When you don't have a specific thing in mind to buy and just go out there for a window shopping, there are many new products that you discover. Be it expensive or cheap, doesn't matter. You will be surprised to see that at times cheap products also works wonder, it is just our mind set that we want to believe that only brands are good that we become skeptical to buy the ones which are lesser know in the market.

One of my recent purchase was Miss Claire Prestige Liquid Eye Liner, which I stumbled upon,  on one of my window shopping spree.

Monday, 11 April 2016

Wake me up ! Foundation from Rimmel London

Hello Friends !

We girls are always in search of a good foundation though the existing one that we are using might be good enough but still we look out for a change and I am no different from any other girl out there.

Rimmel Wake me up Foundation, wait ! What kind of a name is that now? Got me inquisitive and I so wanted to try this out to check for myself how much it is worth but getting my hands on this was a task. I am little finicky when it comes to foundation and like to buy once I have had patch test done.

I love Rimmel products. Decently priced and few of their products are worth a try. I can swear by it :) Rimmel counters are few around hence getting your hands on them is an efforts, but worth taking it. 

Luckily ! When I was in Dubai on my last visit, spotted this foundation there. Headed straight to the Rimmel Counter just like a little girl who spotted her favorite candy :)

Monday, 4 April 2016

Getting a Flawless Evening Look

Flawless skin is the key to look good. If you are blessed with one, trust me half  the job is done without making much efforts. Not all of us are blessed with good skin and hence we need little help in covering up our flaws be it …dark circles, pimples, pigmentation or any other marks on the face. 

Many women walk with great confidence. The confidence just doubles up when you know you are looking good, its human tendency :)

When my dear friend Smita visited me from Pune, we had lot of girly talks to catch up on and among many topics one was related to make up and skin. Smita had lot of freckles, pimples and pigmentation on her face and complained of Pune weather not suiting her.

Our friendship goes a long way when we were in school. Back then she had a flawless and lustrous skin which I used to admire a lot. 

Smita wanted to check whether make up would cover up all her flaws and hence we got started. She was super excited and throughout the process we kept chit-chatting like any other long lost friends. I was quiet happy with the end results and she was thrilled looking at herself. 

Lets check out her final look.