Monday, 19 January 2015

Bridal Trials ...

Hello Friends,

Have some thing special for you today, a bridal make up trial that I recently did. There has been no make up look for a while now, the last one being a party look. 

So lets see the make up look on this bride. Minal is among the ones who hardly uses any make up unless she is stepping out for some special occasions. When I asked her how she wants her look to be, she was not sure what she wants to go for but then understanding her basic requirement, I started on with my job. 

Minal has small eyes, so giving an illusion of a bigger eyes was very much required.  Plus lot of contouring required to make her face look slimmer and more defined. I wanted to give her look which is neither too heavy nor too sober. 

She has a shoulder length hair , the hair required lot of volume to create any kind of hairstyle on her. The front hair section was falling too flat on her face. Keeping all this in mind we started on creating a look specially designed for her :) 

During the bridal trial,  I very causally  show you the look how it would be on your wedding day. Of course ! the overall effect of make up, hairstyle, your outfit and jewelry  gives you much more defined look then what you see in the trials. 

Lets see what the final look turned out to be .. 

Thursday, 15 January 2015

Budgeted Buy - Unique Style Lip Pencils

Since the time I have left my job, have become more busy then I ever imagined. Enjoying every moment of it :))  

Today's post ...

Expensive things are not always good and so does the cheap ones. You can find some great products in both the range , you just need to choose wisely. Today I am going to review lip pencils from Unique Style.

One of the window shopping spree made me stumble upon the Unique Style Lip Pencils .  Picked up six from this brand in six different colors. Thought..... I should give it a try.

These are much affordable and  budgeted lip liners. You wont stop grinning if you hear the price :))  Trust me all the colors are stunning and the quality of the product is great for the price it comes in. OK !!!! that's enough detail for now lets review the product.

Thursday, 8 January 2015

Blush me Coral - Lancome Blush Subtil - 032

Color on the cheeks does add life to the overall face.  Today ! I am going to review a very beautiful shade from Lancome which I totally adore.

This particular shade from Lancome is perfect for this season where coral is ruling everybody's heart. A staple in my kit and is perfect for this bridal season.

Lancome Claims ... 

This luxuriously silky powder blush glides on with its own brush to color and contour for a flawless application every time. Color stays true for hours; versatile finish never looks dry or dull, thanks to moisture-balancing ingredients that keep skin feeling completely comfortable. Oil-free and oil-absorbing. Ideal for all skin types.

Monday, 5 January 2015

Band Baaja Bride with Sabyasachi

Hello Everyone,

Lets talk about "Band Baaja Bride with Sabyasachi" shoot which is due since long. I hope you guys know what is the concept of Band Baaja Bride. If not, then let me just brief you about it.

Concept Of Band Baajaa Bride with Sabyaschi 
52 Makeovers. 4 blockbuster seasons. 1 sensational show. A makeover for everything. Here on this show the bride is treated none less then any fairytale princess. A make over which includes treatment for skin, dental, make up, hairstyle, jewellery and  outfit from none other than a class designer Sabyasachi.

Saturday, 3 January 2015

2014 - 2015 - A New Begining

Hello Everyone,

Wishing everybody a very happy new year 2015. Hope this year brings loads of happiness, peace and prosperity in all our lives.

Today I am going to share with you all the happenings of 2014 and a new begining in 2015. Thank you every one for being a part of this journey. 

2014 had been a good year.  There comes a time when you have to take a decision what your heart always kept telling you. Finally ! I too did the same and enjoyed every moment of it.  I resigned from my job and did something which my heart always wanted to do for a long long time, that is to learn make up professionally .

Time fly's .... there was never a dull moment in this three months time. Learnt and absorbed everything that I could. It was a very enriching experience. Now, I can proudly call myself a Professional Make up Artist.  

The most difficult part was creating a unique identity for my passion. Took lot of brainstorming session with family and friends and finally I was convinced that this new beauty venture of mine will be called as " BLUSH -  Make up by Zara".  With great pleasure and lot of excitment I share with you the first flyer of BLUSH.