Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Understanding the Layers of Perfume & Body Burberry Review

Perfumes are such personal things,  certain perfume is liked so much that we call it as our signature perfume and loyally use it for years. Some fragrance reminds you of the fresh  sunny mornings, or the warm cozy winters,  few perfumes,  makes you feel nostalgic (remembering old times). There are times when someone is wearing a captivating perfume and when they happen to pass by, you cant help imagining ... "Oh boy ! what a fragrance .... I too want to have that kind of awesome fragrance on me." (being dreamy)

Why not revisit what makes up a scent, understanding different layers of perfume will help you to choose which is the right scent for you. Are you a floral lover or a citrus fan, woody or fresh fanatic. These are mere synopsis of whats in the bottle. Perfume has layers just like your sponge cake.

Categorized as Top Notes, Heart Notes and Base Notes.

Fist Impression can be misleading : The top notes definitely delivers the first impression of the perfume but it can be misleading as after few seconds the top notes disperse making way for the heart notes to emerge. When a Sales rep. is showing you a perfume remember she sprays it on the paper and after few seconds gives it to you to smell,  as she wants the top notes to dissolve so that you can smell the heart notes.

Heart is where love happens : If the top note is seductress then the heart notes are where you actually fall in love with a fragrance. The heart notes literally blooms on your skin rooting the fragrance with the help of the base notes.

Icing the base : Base notes keeps the fragrance intact for hours, its like a foundation of the perfume. Just like the base of the sponge cake keeps the cake intact the same way base notes helps to maintain the heart notes of the fragrance for a longer time.

You have now understood the basic of the perfume, so lets get started. Today I am going to review Body Burberry Perfume. Burberry Body is an effortlessly sensual, feminine fragrance. An eclectic combination of luxurious ingredients.

Top notes : Fresh Green Absinthe, Illuminating Peach and Delicate Freesia.
Floral heart notes : Natural Rose Absolute, Iris and Warm Sandalwood.
Base notes : Woody Cashmeran, Creamy Vanilla, Amber and Musk

Price :  Rs. 6409/- for 2.8 Oz

My Take on Body Burberry 

Body Burberry was gifted to me by my sweet little sister when she was visiting India from Dubai. It's a great scent especially for fall and winter since it's a little heavier. This floral is not as sweet as most. Once you spray,  the initial fragrance (the top notes) might feel little stronger but then it quickly settles down to warmer fragrance (the heart notes) and finally it feels sultry muskier with a hint of spice. Body Burberry is pricey but this one lasts all day on me. I love the slim bottle which is the first thing to catch your eyes.... sleek and classy.

Packaging is neat and appealing. Luxurious, clean and classy ,  a unique fragrance which sure calls for an attention.

SP Rating : 4/5

" True fragrance speaks for itself does not require to be pointed out by its bearer, The fragrance of love is the most appealing of all"

Which is your favorite fragrance ?? 


  1. OMG, I can't pick just one favorite perfume! That's like picking a favorite child! :-P :-P :-P But I guess if I really, really have to choose, it would be "Luctor Et Emergo" by The People of the Labyrinths.

    1. I agree with you at times it really is difficult to pick up a favorite.