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My name is Zahira Shaikh, friends call me Zara.  I am from Mumbai -India.  Make up and beauty tips has been one of my passion since childhood.

It recently occurred to me that I often think of the professional girl who knows her brands and ways to look good and other girl's who religiously adore and compliment them... and then I think of the girl who is maybe trying stuff for the first time hoping to get some advice before she dives into the world of beauty. 

It's an extremely overwhelming world and there are more products available than you could ever possibly use or need in a lifetime. I am lucky enough to be able to try few products, to then report back to you guys on their performance, but I wanted to make it clear that as fun as it is to beauty hoard, all these products are not a necessity. I often get asked, usually by my younger siblings and friends which products they need, so here's my new blog for the girl who is just getting into makeup... welcome to the wonderful world of beauty.

Splendid persona is all about Make-up, Beauty Products, Health, Books, Travel, Recipes,and some random stories I come across in real life. Kindly visit the blog and don't forget to join for all the future updates. New additions are always welcome. More the merrier :)  Feedback from all of you will only help me to improve my blog.

God Bless........Stay connected and Enjoy Reading !!! 

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