Saturday, 28 March 2015

7th Heaven's - Lipsticks

When you hear just the brand 7th HEAVEN'S, your imagination can run to many directions imagining various thing you could relate to. This has got nothing to do with spa or salon. A beauty brand which is not so famous and popular yet. 

Stumbled upon this brand during one of my window shopping and could not resist myself. Beautiful colors grab your attention and it does not take much time to make up your mind which colors to choose. Does not get that easy and simpler than this :)   ( A confession of  a window shopaholic). 

Monday, 23 March 2015

Announcement - My Professional Facebook Page

Hello Friends, 

Its a very happy and satisfying feeling when you see your dream taking shape and becoming a reality. 

So far I have shared all the developments happening at my end. Today I have one more news that I want to share with all my readers. 

Life has been little more busy lately, busy with clients, working on my website and there are other things that's keeping me occupied and away from the blog. Once everything falls in place I am sure things will be back to normal. 

I have opened my professional Facebook Page in the name Make up & Hair -  Blush By Zara.  I would request all my readers to visit once and please like my page. 

My website is still in process and should be live very soon. This is taking little time as just like in make-up,  I like my things to be perfect yet graceful. Yes ! am little finicky about all this :)) 

That's all from my end, for more updates, product review, make up looks .... stay connected. 

Cheers to the new beginning !!!

Thursday, 12 March 2015

Brides to be - FAQ

Hello Sweeties, 

Today I am going to address questions mostly asked by the brides to be. Time and again I have been hearing this repetitive questions from various brides, as how to take care of their skin just when their wedding is like couple of months ahead. 

We also term it as Pre Bridal Skin Care Routine. Ok guys ! to start with.... first identify your skin concerns. We all have different types of skin and hence face different skin problems. Mostly we categorize our skin types as Dry, Normal, Oily and Combination. 

Keeping this short and sweet, today I will be answering  five most frequently asked question from the brides in the skin care regime.  Now lets get started with the FAQ's ......

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Freeman Dead Sea Minerals Facial Anti Stress Mask

Hello Friends,

Without wasting much time and coming straight to the point ....One of my window shopping had me picked up a face mask from Freeman, which is available in variety of range to choose. I particularly chose  the one with Dead Sea Minerals as I had not tried anything from this range.

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Shagun Ceremony Make-up and Hair

Hello Friends,

Hope you guys are having a great time, for me life could not have been better than this.

Today's post is about one of my client who was having a Shagun Ceremony and wanted to get ready for the occasion as it was suppose to be taking place in an open rooftop hotel in Juhu.

Neha first came to me for a trial and was convinced with her make up  and hairstyle. She wanted her make up to be simple yet elegant. For her .... little was more in make up and for hair , she wanted to keep half of her hair open and half tied up. 

I suggested her to go for extension as her natural hair did not had much volume.  Initially Neha was skeptical but after trying out the extension she was very happy and convinced as it looked very natural and no one could tell it was not her real hair.

We discussed everything during the trial and on the event day,  we were with a clear vision what to achieve hence saving lot of time. 

So lets check out Neha's final look. 

Monday, 2 March 2015

VLCC Melia Face Wash

Hello Everyone,

Happy Tuesday  !

Start of the week and there's still a long wait before weekend arrives. I had a lovely time this weekend. Thanks to the beautiful weather we had in Mumbai. Just the right weather to enjoy a long drive with some nice soothing music. 

We drove all the way to Lonavla, had lunch and enjoyed the rains before finally coming back home at night. It was the most awesome time spend after ages. 

Today's post ... 

I am going to review a face wash from VLCC which I discovered during one of my grocery shopping :)

Whatever is the agenda when you move out of the house, you end up picking more stuff then what is required... I guess that's how we women's are.

Was using Vichy Normaderm since years and its kind of staple on my bathroom shelf, but seriously speaking I was kind of bored using it since years and needed a break hence picked up a face wash from VLCC for a change, that does not mean I am not going to use Vichy Normaderm Face Wash. You know its just kind of breaking the routine before you again go back routine.... if that makes sense.

Price : Rs. 135/-