Thursday, 12 March 2015

Brides to be - FAQ

Hello Sweeties, 

Today I am going to address questions mostly asked by the brides to be. Time and again I have been hearing this repetitive questions from various brides, as how to take care of their skin just when their wedding is like couple of months ahead. 

We also term it as Pre Bridal Skin Care Routine. Ok guys ! to start with.... first identify your skin concerns. We all have different types of skin and hence face different skin problems. Mostly we categorize our skin types as Dry, Normal, Oily and Combination. 

Keeping this short and sweet, today I will be answering  five most frequently asked question from the brides in the skin care regime.  Now lets get started with the FAQ's ......

1) People with acne, blackheads, white heads and zits, how do we get rid of it ?
Ans : This could be related to stress levels, lack of proper sleep, dandruff, constipation , unhealthy eating habits etc. Show it to a proper skin doctor to identify why you are getting all this on your face. Get it treated since you have time on your hand.  Eat healthy and get on with any type of work out which you do it religiously. 

Blackheads and whiteheads
I recommend you buy a scrub which is nice and mild, scrub your face after every three days. Make it a routine, it's a slow process but sure your blackheads and whiteheads will reduce unbelievably. Use a good toner twice a day along with a good effective face wash which suits your acne skin. 

2) What do I do to make my skin look glowing and flawless?
Your state of mind reflects on your face, its very important to stay happy and positive in life. Apart from this you  should eat healthy, include fruits like sweet lime, orange, watermelon in your diet. Have a bowl full of salad once a day which has cucumber, beetroot and carrot in it. 

This will not only cleanse your body but also help you achieve a glowing skin. Apply face mask once a week, if its herbal or ayurvedic mask then its much better. Go with natural ingredient face mask which does not have any side effects. 

Make sure you don't have a constipation problem, if you are constipating then sweetheart get it treated.  Stomach problem can lead to many problems and whatever you do externally will not make any difference if you don't treat it internally first. Hope that makes sense. 

3) How do I get rid of dark circles? 
Again point no 1, many reasons for having dark circles, address your internal problems first. For external  treatment you can slice a cucumber or potato and keep it on your eyes, this will give a cooling effect and will also help you get rid of your dark circles. You can also keep a used green tea bag or a cotton pad dipped in rose water on your eyes. 

4) Should I do a facial, spa or bleach before my wedding ???? 
Yes !  you can do it just 3-4 days before your wedding, just to pamper your self and for  blood circulation. The massage will not only help the blood circulation on your face  but it will also help you to relax your jittery senses. 

5) How do I get rid of pigmentation or tan ????
Our skin is constantly exposed to sun directly when we step out of the house, which of course we cannot avoid. Pigmentation happens to the parts which get hit directly as soon as you step out. Which is mostly your forehead, chin, nose and few parts of your cheeks. Use a good sunscreen before you step out of the house. 

There are treatment available for removing pigmentation, show it to a good doc and get it treated. There are many products available for treating pigmentation which are equally good.  Lancome Corrector is one of the product that I had been using and its good. 

For Tan : you can beat an egg white add few drops of lemon and apply it over your face and neck. While applying this please do not speak, let it dry and wash it with a normal tap water. Keep repeating till the tan is completely gone.  You can use this twice a day also. 

Peeling : There many salon and doctors which also suggest for a glycolic peel. You may give it a shot as it adds the glow to your skin 

Hope you find this post helpful and informative. These were the five questions from my end that I mostly face with my clients. If you have any query then you can feel free to address it. 

In my next session of FAQ , will cover the most frequently asked question in the Make up and hair area. If you have any questions that you want me to answer then just drop your comments and I shall include it in my next FAQ post. 

Rest in next ... till then see ya soon :) 


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