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Nothing Last Forever 

Love, deception, murder, suspense.... nothing can stay buried forever.

I Too Had A Love Story

Do love stories ever die ? 
How will you react if a beautiful person comes into your life and then goes aways from you ..... forever

Not Without My Daughter

True story on the harrowing life of Betty Al Mahmoudi in Iran and her escape plan with  five year old daughter Mahtob,  from Iran to America makes it an interesting read.

Desperate in Dubai 

This book was banned in Dubai and it has again manage to grace the shelves. It's a National best seller. The story revolves around the lives of four women who live, love, and labor in the sparkling Gulf city of Dubai.

The Heretic Queen

 If you love reading historic fiction then I would highly recommend this book. Trust me you would love it too. The history, politics and the story itself keeps you engrossed and wanting for more. At the end, you know lot of things written are true and rest of course is fiction.

Don't Tempt Me

 Beautifully written, Interesting, engaging and full of mystery, Suspense and Romance.

Do you enjoy reading Historic Fiction, if yes than you should read "Warlock" by Wilbur Smith.  Have read this book twice and thoroughly enjoyed it !!!


Just finished reading this book called "BEFORE I GO TO SLEEP" by SJ Watson.

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