Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Inglot - 19 P Blending Brush / Eye Lash Curler / Make-up Remover Wipes

Recently I visited the INGLOT store at Bandra Linking Road. INGLOT has very few stores across Mumbai.  I was glad to know that INGLOT is coming up with a store at Lower Parel Phonenix - Palladium as well.

While checking their products I fell in love with a glitter which I thought is a must have in my kit, but unfortunately once again  "IT WAS OUT OF STOCK" (Grrrrrr....not again). Anyways.... I left my number in case they get this particular glitter in stock again.

Saturday, 28 December 2013

Dove Nutrium Body Wash

I hope you guys are enjoying the Sunday, one day where you have all the pending list lined up, family and friends to visit, grocery shopping, pamper yourself and yes catch up on your sleep. We wait throughout the week for this one day to come fast :)))

"Is it Love.............No its Dove"  -  I love the tagline of Dove.

Moving on.......today i am going to review Dove Nutrium Body wash in three different fragrance. Pomegranate and Lemon Verbena, Cucumber and Green tea, and Purely Pampering Cream oil Beauty Shower with natural Oils.

A scented body wash

Cleans without stripping skin of moisture

The Pinkish / Greenish / Creamish  formula is similar to a body lotion. .

Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Bridal Make-up - Keralite Malyalee Wedding

It's very important to first know the requirement of the bride before making her ready, as in how she wants her look to be and how she wants to present herself. My bride Geetanjali had a clear and focus picture about how she wants herself to look on her big day, she immediately said i dont want anything too dramatic or smokey. I want my make-up to be simple yet graceful. Keeping her requirement i got started making her ready.

Geetanjali has lot of pigmentation, under eye dark circles (were too bad)  and chicken pox marks on her face, so the biggest task was to conceal all this before getting on with the actual bridal make-up.

Friday, 20 December 2013

Collective Product - Konad Loreal Lakme and more

I am going to review few collective product that i happen to pick up here in India and abroad. Short review about the product and if its worth buying.

Monday, 16 December 2013

Bourjois Happy Light Foundation and Beauty Full Volume Mascara

I finished my Bourjois eyeliner so i thought of picking it up and visited the counter at In-orbit Mall Malad. I like this eye liner (16 hour long) from Bourjois and have been using it for some time now. But to my luck the eye liner was out of stock !!!  However in the process i discovered new products from Bourjois which got recently launched.

The sales rep. at the counter was quiet eager in showing the new launches.    

FirstShe shows me this Happy Light Base Serum (which is supposed to be used before the foundation and is suppose to hydrate your skin and minimize the pores).

Second -  i was shown the Happy Light Foundation (which is light in weight and gives moderate coverage).

 Third -  i was shown Beauty Full Volume Mascara (Which is suppose to add volume to your existing lashes and gives flexible hold). There were other new launches in Lipsticks as well but seriously speaking i already had the same colors in my collection so did not picked any.

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Montagne Jeunesse Face Mask / Pack

Scrubbing your face with a good scrub and applying a face mask once a week not only removes all the dirt and dead skin on a regular basis but also helps maintain your face looking fresh, smooth, young and glowing.

I happen to spot these face packs from "Montagne Jeunesse" when i was browsing in supermarket at Dubai. Picked up Strawberry Souffle Mask (which is moisturizing and purifying mask) and Skin Polisher Mask (Which is anti stress mask).

I do like to keep a good scrub and couple of face packs at home, as every weekend i don't have time to go to beauty parlor so i do my bit at home. You can even use natural ingredients and make your own face pack as per your skin type and apply it. 

Price : AED 6-7
SP Rating : 3.5/5

Strawberry Souffle Mask is very good for people who have dry skin. It really moisturizes and hydrates the skin leaving it soft and glowing. I have a normal skin and it tends to get oily at T Zone, so for me after applying the pack though i found my skin soft but it became oily as well (Hmmmm... my fault as i picked up this face pack in a hurry without reading it properly ) . For me it did not work because of my skin type but for dry skin i am sure it would do wonders.

As for Skin Polisher Mask..... I am loving it. It has small white granules in it, You need to massage it gently over your skin for 2 minutes and leave it for 10-15 min before you wash it off and...... viola !!!!.... you have a fresh, smooth glowing skin. I am sure calling for the Skin Polisher Mask again.

So folks do you keep any face packs / mask at home of any particular brand then share it with us. I had Boutique's Milk Protein and Fruit pack, which got over and now i am wondering which ones to pick up after i exhaust my skin polisher mask which will last me for another 3-4 times,   any suggestions ???

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Traditional Party Look

I just love the month of December, lets check out my reasons.....

1) Its winter season and i love winters.
2) My birthday comes in this month....... so its party time yippee!!!!!!!! and yes loads of gifts from near and dear ones.
3) This month is considered most auspicious for weddings and celebrations (my guess because its winter) so i personally feel December is the month of celebrations, marking end of the year and and welcoming the new year with a bang.

When you have celebrations around, you would want to dress up and look your best. which brings us to today's post which is all about "Traditional Party Look"

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Avon Holiday Collection Palette

Today i want to show you this make up palette from Avon. It's called "Holiday Collection Palette".

Monday, 2 December 2013

My Empties

Ok guys i wanted to do this post of empties, The products that i have used and will i be buying it again???

Sunday, 1 December 2013

DMGM Lipstick - Fuchsia Pink

Discover the mark of Glamorous Make-up  (DMGM) 
MaxCare International has given birth to a top of the range in color cosmetics a premium brand called “DMGM”.Beauty is an art that DMGM holds out to the whole world with a ''Touch Of Luxury''.

I picked up this Lipstick from the DMGM counter when i was in Dubai. I loved the color Fuchsia  Pink and this one was just perfect. Bought it for AED 45.