Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Inglot - 19 P Blending Brush / Eye Lash Curler / Make-up Remover Wipes

Recently I visited the INGLOT store at Bandra Linking Road. INGLOT has very few stores across Mumbai.  I was glad to know that INGLOT is coming up with a store at Lower Parel Phonenix - Palladium as well.

While checking their products I fell in love with a glitter which I thought is a must have in my kit, but unfortunately once again  "IT WAS OUT OF STOCK" (Grrrrrr....not again). Anyways.... I left my number in case they get this particular glitter in stock again.

19 P Blending Brush 

Moving ahead I picked up a blending brush 19 P which is a flat soft brush for blending the eye-shadow in the crease or above the crease area. The brush is made from the pony hair and is extremely soft. Blends effortlessly. You can also use this brush for patting on the eye shadow on your eye lids, looking at the brush shape you can do multitasking with this brush. I loved it and hence picked it up.

Price : 1150/-
SP Rating : 5/5

Professional Eye Lash Curler 

Second product that I picked was Eye Lash Curler.  There were two different eye lash curlers and I chose to pick up the professional eye lash curler which is in silver finish and comes with an additional padding in case the attached one goes bad. It has a good grip,  gives awesome lift and curl to the lashes that last almost for the whole day.

Price:  Rs. 1140/-
Sp Rating : 5/5

Make up Remover Wipes 

The third product that i picked was Make Up Remover Wipes. This could remove any waterproof make up. The pack had 25 wipes in it and has a nice mild fragrance. Cleans really well leaving your skin  hydrated  and fresh. Easy to use and convenient to carry in your purse. On the days that I am tired and just want to finish the cleansing routine fast, I use these wipes to remove my make-up.
Loving it !!!

Important thing that you need to be careful while using this wipes is that after removing the wipes you need to seal the sticker cover properly so that it does not dry up. The fabric of the wipes is soft against your skin and does not harm your skin.  Suitable for all skin types including the delicate and sensitive ones.

Price : 450/-
SP Rating : 4/5

Though I wanted to pick up their eye shadows as well but kept it for my next visit where I would have enough time to choose which ones to go for.

This year is coming to an end and we all are eager to welcome new year. Time flies ...2013 had been a wonderful year and I thank god for everything. I pray the new year brings loads of happiness, success and peace in each of our lives. Amen !

Wishing all my readers " HAPPY NEW YEAR", May god bless all. So whats your new year resolution ? Mine would be Hmmmmmm.........mmmmmmm.....not yet decided. Take care have fun and like always stay in touch!

Will catch up in the next year now cya !!!

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