Saturday, 3 January 2015

2014 - 2015 - A New Begining

Hello Everyone,

Wishing everybody a very happy new year 2015. Hope this year brings loads of happiness, peace and prosperity in all our lives.

Today I am going to share with you all the happenings of 2014 and a new begining in 2015. Thank you every one for being a part of this journey. 

2014 had been a good year.  There comes a time when you have to take a decision what your heart always kept telling you. Finally ! I too did the same and enjoyed every moment of it.  I resigned from my job and did something which my heart always wanted to do for a long long time, that is to learn make up professionally .

Time fly's .... there was never a dull moment in this three months time. Learnt and absorbed everything that I could. It was a very enriching experience. Now, I can proudly call myself a Professional Make up Artist.  

The most difficult part was creating a unique identity for my passion. Took lot of brainstorming session with family and friends and finally I was convinced that this new beauty venture of mine will be called as " BLUSH -  Make up by Zara".  With great pleasure and lot of excitment I share with you the first flyer of BLUSH. 

Lot of you must be wondering why there were no new post on the blog for such a long time. Guys!!! seriously speaking,  been really tied up for past few weeks. The course, photoshoots, shopping, clients and many more things kept me occupied. 

Since I am through with the hectic schedule now,   am all eager to share my experiences with you. So stay tuned for further updates.


  1. Congrats Zahira on ur new venture.Finally ur following ur dream. GOD BLESS. All the very best dear... i m really sure that u will come out with flying colors.

    1. Hey Erica , thanks a ton for all the best wishes. Finally I am doing something that I love to do and I hope god will bless me with success and a impressive client list :))

  2. congrats and all the best for your new venture Zahira :)

  3. Thank you soooooo much Anubhuti....keeping my hopes high :)

  4. Great Goin Zahira! congratulations for making your inception coming to reality. May Allah bless you with immense success, popularity and happiness in what you do hereon! all the very best