Monday, 5 January 2015

Band Baaja Bride with Sabyasachi

Hello Everyone,

Lets talk about "Band Baaja Bride with Sabyasachi" shoot which is due since long. I hope you guys know what is the concept of Band Baaja Bride. If not, then let me just brief you about it.

Concept Of Band Baajaa Bride with Sabyaschi 
52 Makeovers. 4 blockbuster seasons. 1 sensational show. A makeover for everything. Here on this show the bride is treated none less then any fairytale princess. A make over which includes treatment for skin, dental, make up, hairstyle, jewellery and  outfit from none other than a class designer Sabyasachi.

Shoot Experience and Behind the scenes

The shoot took place at Grand Hyatt, it was sangeet ceremony of Nausheen and Sajid. The bride had to be ready and reach the venue by 7.30-8pm (which was in the same hotel).

What we see on the television is an edited version, behind the scenes there is lot of hard work and efforts put in together from so many people. Midway through the shoot,  there was some technical difficulty due to which the same scenes had to be re-shoot again.

It was challenging because time was running out and the shoot had to be completed,  with the bride ready at the right time.  The whole experience of attending this shoot was very overwhelming.

The bride was suppose to wear a lehenga in black and gold, designed by Sabyasachi. When I first saw the lehenga, I felt it was one of his best creation and breathtakingly gorgeous. There I was thinking how lucky is Nausheen to where this lehenga on her big day and get pampered just like a princess, to most of the girls this must be just a dream.


When I met Sabyasachi on the sets of Band Baaja Bride, he seems to be quiet humble and down to earth person.  Very jovial and fun to be around.

He was very clear how he wanted the bride to look. A clear vision always gets you the best results.

Nausheen looked stunning in the black and gold lehenga with messy side bun and red roses.  This was the vision of Sabyasachi and the end result is there for everyone to see.

If you want to catch up this episode of Band Baaja Bride then  click on the link below. 

Had a great time and it was a splendid experience to see what goes behind the scenes.   There are many girls out there who dream such kind of fairytale wedding but only few get to experience the magic.

That concludes this post and we shall now meet regularly with all the up coming post lined up..... I promise.

Had been away from blogging for some time now but I am back with more regularly stay tuned.


  1. Nausheen looks gorgeous!! And the lehenga is WOWWW!!! Lucky you Zara that u got a chance to witness the Behind the Scene!!!

  2. Oh yes it was indeed a memorable experience Dipti. The crew was also very co-operative.

  3. Wow great experience and bride look really beautiful.. you did the makeup? :)

    1. Yes it was a great experience dear, no I did not do the make up for the bride

  4. i love sabsachi's creations and who doesnt ? the bride looks breathtakingly beautiful :D

  5. what an accomplishment Zahira! great keep going