Friday, 14 March 2014

Recent Beauty Empties

Doing Empties Post is little odd, it means collecting all the trash to be photographed. There are many products that get exhausted earlier and you just store the trash because you want to do a  collective picture. 

Many a times, it so happen that when you purchase the product you are totally in love with it but as you are midway you start having second thoughts about it. That's why I really like empties post as it gives you a  very sincere and genuine opinion of the product. I am sure you will agree with me on this. 

Lets take a peek on all the empties.... 

Lets start from right to left.. 

1) Versace Bright Crystal Perfume : It a lovely mild and sensual fragrance. I picked up this bottle when I was in Dubai last to last time. The bottle is cute and I seriously dont feel like throwing it away. It's an amazing perfume for day wear. Though I liked this perfume but wont be picking it up soon as on my recent visit to Dubai, I have picked up many perfumes from different brand. So will wait till all those gets exhausted. 

2) Figaro Olive Oil - My holy grail product, cannot picture my life without it . Savior ! for my well nourished and hydrated skin. I use this product after my shower in the evening by mixing it with my body moisturizer. This was a secret shared by one of my best friend ever (who is no more now but all her beauty secret will remain with me... RIP). I miss her a lot ! 

3)  Victoria Secret Body Lotion :  So far I have exhausted 2 bottles and have two more in my supply. It's a great product, very light in weight and absorbs super quick leaving skin moisturized and hydrated. This I use it after my morning shower. 

4) Botique Pore Tightening Cucumber Toner : I have been using this product since very long time. A very great product for people who have open pores and are prone to acne. Reasonably priced and one bottle goes a long way. I am going to give it a break and replaced it with Mario Badescu Special Cucumber Toner from my Sephora Haul (Review coming up shortly) .

5) Dove Go Fresh Shower Gel : I have exhausted two bottles of Dove Shower Gel, one is Pomegranate Lemon Verbena (I threw that bottle) and the other one is Cucumber and Green Tea Scent. I still have one pending which I will use it later once I am done with my current body shower which is Provogue Urban Spa. Dove Go fresh is really a nice collection for a reasonable price but this range from Dove unfortunately is not available here in India.

6) Rimmel Gentle Make-up Remover : Though its quiet gentle on the skin but it does not help in removing the waterproof mascara. I would like to try a product which is all in one, and with just one product I am able to get rid of all the products on my face. Currently I am liking Inglot Make-up remover wipes. They are my go to make up remover product off late.(feeling lazy)

7) Tressemme Keratin Smooth Conditioner : My hair does not need much of a conditioner,  they are any which case straight and silky. I use conditioner just once in a week and this conditioner works fine with my hair. So yes ! I will surely repurchase this again.

8) Morrocon / Argan Oil :  This is amazing product for the hair, though little heavy on the pocket. As one bottle cost some where around Rs. 2400/-. I am going to repurchase this again,  along with me, my better half also likes to use this product.

9) Septona Cotton Pads :  These are large oval cotton pads, I am not to happy about it as I feel its little harsh on the skin. I much prefer VOV cotton pads which are much softer,  would not recommend this.

These were my empties and I hope you find this post informative and helpful. Drop me your comment which of the products have you hit the pan and would you repurchase it again ?


  1. I love dove's go fresh shower gel! Want to try Tressemme Keratin Smooth Conditioner and morrocon oil now!

    1. Both are good products.... try it out. Tressemme Keratin Smooth Shampoo is also great, the red one.

  2. Do you have access to Garnier Moroccan Sleek Oil in your area? I have that and the Moroccan Oil, and when I compared the ingredients list, Garnier actually has more argan oil, along with more nourishing oils from other different fruits as well. Performance-wise, they're equal to each other. Cheers! Chic and Alluring Blog

    1. Forgot to mention, where I live, a bottle of Moroccan Oil is around $38, while Garnier's is under $5. The price difference is insane!

    2. No I dont have an access to Garnier Moroccan Sleek Oil, if it's really good as you mentioned in your comment then I would check out if I can get from the area's where it is available.

      Thank you for sharing this information.