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Chicken Pasta in Arbiatta Sauce 


In arabiatta sauce penne pasta is used, since I did not had penne pasta on hand,  used Fussili as a substitute . Arabiatta Pasta is made without adding any veggies just a good amount of tangy flavor sauce but since this is my version I get to do what I feel like :))









Fried Chicken Balls with Hot Garlic Sauce

Appetizer are my favorite, I can keep munching on it and skip the main course if the need be. Last weekend I tried making Fried Chicken Balls with  Hot Garlic Sauce. Easy to make and tastes yum.



Chole Masala


Chole is one dish which has a special place in every Indians heart. When you ask your mom causally...."Mom whats there for dinner" ? and in reply when your mom say " its Chole", a smile starts spreading on your lips and all of a sudden you feel hungry and all ready for dinner. That's the effect of Chole on Indian hearts.











Chicken Karahi / Gosht Curry 

A simple and easy chicken recipe which will get you loads of compliments 









Moong Halwa 

Easy to make and tastes delicious.













Prawns Bhajiya

Its Prawn Bhajiya for the prawn lovers. It tastes yummy and easy in preparation. You can also have this as a starter along with your meal.



Aloo Mutter Paratha

Aloo Mutter paratha, easy and simple recipe can be had in breakfast or during the snack time. 





Aloo Wadi (Patra)


Aloo Wadi also called as Patra, can be served as snack or starters. Check out this mouth watering recipe of Aloo Wadi....Enjoy !!!

Paneer Tikka











Veg Cutlets



This yummy recipe will get you loads of compliments... Easy to make, healthy and tastes great. Try it out and i am sure you will love it. Enjoy !!!





Butter Chicken



Butter chicken is one of the most popular recipe in India which originated from Punjab region, popular in most of the countries around the world.




Palak Lachcha Paratha 

Paratha's can be had at any time of the day, be it breakfast, lunch or dinner. There are so many variation in which Paratha's can be made.Try out this yummy paratha which is high on iron content.



Dhaba Palak Paneer 


Palak Paneer Dhaba Style.... Its deliciously yummy. A different variation to the age old recipe.







Chicken Skewers 



Its a side dish / starter. If you love chicken then this is a recipe you should definitely give it a try. Different from the regular starter recipes  tastes yummy and gets you loads of compliments too. 






Chicken Biryani - My Style



Chicken biryani is cooked in quiet different variation. I like the version that my mom cooks. It’s yummy and tastes awesome. I have tried many different variations of biryani but my favorite remains this one. Today I am sharing with you this recipe which has been passed on thru my grandmother to my mom and from my mom to me :))




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