Monday, 2 December 2013

My Empties

Ok guys i wanted to do this post of empties, The products that i have used and will i be buying it again???

So lets get started one by one.

Vichy Normaderm Night Cream : This is one night cream that i am completely hooked on to. It suits my skin and has the repairing quality. You apply it at night and morning you have a much fresh clean and soft looking skin. I buy it when i know my current one is about to get over.

Chicco Moisturizing cream :  The name itself sounds so kiddish :) !!!!This moisturizing cream is meant for kids, I was introduced to this cream by my sister and since then i am completely in love with it. My skin is normal and at times tend to get little oily depending upon the climatic conditions. This cream suits me well, leaves my face soft and supple without making it oily. So i have kind of let go of Sebamed Moisturizing cream and my current addition is Chicco Moisturizing cream. I have already picked up one as my current one is going to last me only couple of days.

Colossal  Waterproof Mascara : This is one Mascara which is always there in my kit. Though i don't use it frequently but i reach for it time and again after certain intervals. Its reasonably priced and is good for everyday wear. So yes i am surely going to pick this one.

Bourjois Eye Liner: I have been using Bourjois eyeliner for quiet some time, its waterproof and long lasting. I like the thick consistency and the long brush makes it easier in application. Though i dont see why i should not repurchase it again, but for a change i would like to try another brand, hence i picked up L'oreal Eye Liner Carbon Gloss.

VOV Cotton Pads : I have used them couple of times after experimenting with other cotton pads. Somehow i feel VOV Cotton pads feels quiet soft against your skin and are not harsh like some of the other cotton pads that i have come across. So yes i would recommend this and buy it again.

Lakme Absolute Bi-phased Make-up Remover : Its good and i have finished mine. Would like to try something else this time. So thinking which one to go for. Any suggestions ???

Biotique Cucumber Toner : Finished couple of bottles and yes will again repurchase it. It tightens your pores and reduces the acne. It's herbal and budget friendly. 

Absolute Compact Powder : This is my everyday savior, I just apply it over my moisturizer and i am sorted and ready to go. Gives me a medium coverage which works fine with me in my daily routine. I have already picked one. My shade is Golden Medium.

Bath and Body works Moisturizer - Twilight Woods : Bath and Body Works have amazing body lotion. This time i have picked up from Dubai, the offer was for 3 in the price of 2. I have used this moisturizer religiously every day till it ran out. The fragrance of twilight woods is little stronger, so i have picked three different milder fragrance from the house of Bath and Body works. 

These were my empties the products which i have exhausted, some i will repurchase and some i might like to try from other brands. It's a satisfactory feeling when you have completely used a product and know for sure the money you had invested has not gone waste.

Drop me a comment if you do enjoy reading the Empties post. Any product that you have used completely and has given you a satisfactory feeling ???

Do you find it hard in throwing away the empty containers ??? well....i do feel it when my perfume bottle gets over and i dont have a heart to throw it away especially the cutie ones (awww.....)!!!

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