Sunday, 1 December 2013

DMGM Lipstick - Fuchsia Pink

Discover the mark of Glamorous Make-up  (DMGM) 
MaxCare International has given birth to a top of the range in color cosmetics a premium brand called “DMGM”.Beauty is an art that DMGM holds out to the whole world with a ''Touch Of Luxury''.

I picked up this Lipstick from the DMGM counter when i was in Dubai. I loved the color Fuchsia  Pink and this one was just perfect. Bought it for AED 45.

The texture is smooth and glides on like a hot knife on the butter. Does not bleed and the color is super adorable. I just love having different shades of pink in my kitty. There is pink for every mood depending on which mood are you in. 

Neither matte nor glossy. Its a pretty bright pink which you can wear it for a party or night out. You can add more color by blot and re-applying it. It will not only make your lipstick last longer but also brighten the color as well.

SP Rating : 4/5

Pink is a color which wins many heart and yes guys too find this shade sexy. Its a romantic shade (being dreamy!!!)...... So ladies when you are going out on a know which shade will get you more plus points. Pick any pink shade as per your liking and you are set.

"Pour yourself a Drink 
Put on your lipstick 
and pull your self together "

                                                     Elizabeth Taylor


  1. i like this shade,but get scared to try it on my asian skin tone. like your blog, pretty interesting and honest. I am your new follower- do you wanna show some love and follow me back?

    1. Hey,

      Thanks a ton dear... its a beautiful shade and i am sure it would look lovely, even on Asian skin tone. Give it a try..

      Saw your blog and you doing pretty good. All the best.