Friday, 20 December 2013

Collective Product - Konad Loreal Lakme and more

I am going to review few collective product that i happen to pick up here in India and abroad. Short review about the product and if its worth buying.

Konad Auto Style Eyebrow Pencil and Eye Liner 


While browsing in one of the mall in Dubai i came across the brand Konad. I picked up their Eye brow shaping pencil and eye liner pencil.

What i liked most about this pencil is at one end it has a roll on pencil for the brow and at the other end it has a brush. Easy to carry and convenient to use anywhere. Blends well and is apt for shaping up eyebrows. No worries about sharpening the pencil or breakouts of the tip as it comes in twist roll on packaging. The brow pencil is definitely a good pick.

 I found the eye liner not too dark but is good if you want to wear it for everyday use or use it as a base for dark eye shadows. You can also use it as a eye liner or have a smokey effect with it.If you are looking for something darker then my suggestion would be Lakme Ultimate Kohl Pencil. If you notice in the below picture, the eyebrow pencil has roll on pencil at one end while on the other end it has got a brush where as the eye liner pencil has both the side twist roll on pencil.

Price : AED 20
SP Rating : 4.5/5

Lakme Absolute Eye Liner in Bronze : 

I picked this up on my window shopping spree (Yeah i often do that :), had gone to Lakme counter to pick up a lip liner (which was out of stock) and ended up buying this (Confession of a Shopaholic !!! Rolling my eyes ). I wonder most of the stuff that i go to buy is out of stock, at times its frustrating (Grrrr....). N'ways ....Lets talk about the product, Its a nice Bronze Metallic color and can be worn on any dress. Glides on like a butter and has variety of colors to choose from. Easy to use and travel friendly. They have some pretty colors in this range. The wand applicator is good with an appropriate brush.

Price : Rs. 290/-
SP Rating : 4/5

Loreal Million Volume Mascara

I quiet liked the Loreal 4D Architect Mascara and so had high expectation from Million Volume Mascara too. I found it was good but not very good. Yes it does add volume and length to your lashes. The wand is thick and does not cover the inner corner tiny lashes. The tube is packaged with the wiper inside and hence you will not find excess product on the wand. Its water resistant but not waterproof. Its excellent for people who have thick lashes as it add more volume and length to it but people who has medium to thin lashes it does not give the effect of false lashes. Overall its a good mascara but overly hyped.

Price : Rs. 775/-
SP Rating : 3.5/5

Loreal Eye Liner in Carbon Gloss 

I am very loyal to Bourjois 16 hour long Eye liner. Since that was running out of stock i thought of experimenting with Loreal eye liner in Carbon Gloss and oh bhoy! did i make a mistake here, yes i did. Its a gel based eye liner, though i purchased it but later, on application i found it very inconvenient to use being a small wand and the tip of the wand is stiff  (i am used to bigger wand and a soft bristle brush),  i did not liked it after the application as well. Once you apply this eye liner after some time it starts to peel off from the inner corner of the eye which was dam irritating,  to sum up this review in short, this eye liner is just not worth it. I would not recommend this. The price for this kind of product is way too high.

Price : Rs. 725/-
SP Rating : 2/5 

Mobile Cover 

Did you checked my mobile inst it, currently using Samsung S III. I happen to pick this up from Dubai ( of my shopping spree). They had very beautiful range of covers for various phones. Samsung S III had such lovely and beautiful collection of covers to choose from (Gosh.... i was just like a kid in this shop...could not make up my mind, which one to pick), my addiction got better of me and finally i decided to go for Leopard print cover which i could not stop admiring :)). Everybody's been asking me about this cover and where i picked it up from. Wish India too had such lovely collection instead of those plain boring standard covers.

Price : AED 40
SP Rating : 5/5

OK that's all for today's review...this was my experience about the above product. Experience might differ from person to person. I hope you find this post informative.

Its my birthday coming tomorrow Yay ! and i am sure there are lot of surprises being planned. Excited and thrilled!!! Starting today evening I am going to watch "Dhoom 3" with my whole gang. I am sure going to have a blast. You guys take care and have a great weekend.

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