Friday, 31 January 2014

My Skin Care Routine

Hello Everyone,

I have been thinking to do the skin care routine post since long, but then it use to always go on a back burner due to various reasons. So finally I decided that against all odds I have to do this post today. So here I am with my current skin care products which I can't do without.

Let me tell you guys, skin care routine is very important to keep your skin fresh, hydrated clean and young. We invest so much in make-up product just to look good but believe me, if you have a healthy looking skin anything would look good. Few products are like holy grail to me which I religiously use.

Morning after my shower I use Victoria Secret Sweet Almond Body Lotion. It absorbs well into the skin leaving it soft and supple. Love this product !. For detailed review click here.

Moving on... I apply a Biotique Cucumber Pore Tightening Toner over my face (for detailed review click here) and then moisturize it with Chikko Moisturizing Cream. The toner keeps my skin firm and keeps acne under control. Chikko Moisturizing Cream keeps my skin soft and moisturized without making it greasy.

For sun protection I apply Lakme Sun Screen SPF 50 along with Biotique Dandelion Anti Aging Serum. For detailed review click here. Both the products are great. I feel Lakme Sun Screen really suits my skin and I am using both this product since ages.

After my evening shower I apply Vaseline Moisturizing Body Lotion in Velvet Musk (this I picked up on my recent visit to Dubai and I am currently using this product. Review coming up shortly) along with little Olive oil. This keeps my skin hydrated and add lustre to my skin. This is a practice that I follow,  whatever body lotion I apply in the evening I mix it with Olive oil and then apply.

To remove my make up,  currently I am using Colorbar Make-up remover for sensitive skin tone. The day I am too lazy I just pull out a Inglot Milk Tonic Wipes (detailed review click here) and clean my skin of any cosmetic products. This is one product I am totally in love with.

 I wash my face with Vichy Normaderm Face Wash followed by Biotique Cucmber Pore Tightening Toner again.

Before I am off to bed I apply Vichy Normaderm Night Cream. Night cream is equally important as any other skin care product, it repairs your skin while you are sleeping and when you get up in the morning you  have soft, clean and fresh looking skin.

Once in a week I use a scrub to exfoliate my skin which helps in removing the dead skin and impurities (currently using TBS Tea Tree Squeaky Scrub. Review coming up shortly) followed by any facial mask which suits my skin tone. Currently I am using Montagne Jeunesse Face Skin Polisher, for detailed review click here.

So this is my skin care routine which I religiously follow. I might like to experiment with my products here and there but my routine remains the same.

Hope you guys enjoyed reading this post. Drop me a comment which skin care products are you currently using and can't do without.

It's weekend again and I am superrrrr excited...... my better half is returning tonight yipppiiieee.... Its been twelve days that he is away and I cant wait for him to get back home. He is been visiting Singapore, Korea and Japan.  There are many beauty products that he is picked up for me and I cant wait to get my hands on it :))))).

Watch this space for more guys will catch up again on Monday now....  till then have a rocking weekend !!!

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