Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Victoria Secret Perfumes : Angel Gold and Angel Dream Review

Hello Everybody,

Hope you guys are doing good,  for me life is going pretty cool. Yesterday,  I happen to watch this movie of Salman Khan " Jai Ho".  I have a mix feeling about this movie, some moments you will enjoy and in some places it  feels like a drag, though the concept is good.  Overall its a one time watch.

Coming to today's post, I am going to review two different perfumes from the brand Victoria Secret.
1) Victoria Secret Angel Gold
2) Victoria Secret Angel Dream

Quiet confusing names right ... don't get confused here, as Victoria Secret also has a perfume called Dream Angels which is a different fragrance compared to Angel Dreams.   Dream Angel.... Angel Dream..... Gosh ! why cant they try something less confusing. VS please take a note! 

The first perfume is VICTORIA SECRET ANGEL GOLD. 

Price : 50 ml AED 250/-

Top notes: Prickly Pear, Kumquat, Pomelo Blossom, Red Berry Sorbet, Orange Crème, Sparkling Bergamot.
Heart: Jasmine, Gardenia, Tulip, Peony, Pink Water Lily.
Base: Musk, Vanilla Woods, Gold Amber Crystals, Sandalwood, Cedar Wood. 

After Bombshell  I really liked this perfume. Its has a totally unique fragrance, sexy, cozy, seductive, exotic, classy and expensive fragrance. The lasting power is equally good, last for the whole day. It lingers on to you and is not overpowering. A perfect balance between floral and fruity, very crisp and clean. You can wear this perfume any time of the day.   Another outstanding fragrance from Victoria Secrets. Loved it !!!

SP Rating : 5/5


Price : 50ml AED 250/-

Victoria Secret Angel Dream contains notes of lace violet, current and sheer sandalwood. Seriously speaking,  I was very disappointed with this fragrance after I came across "Bombshell" and "Angel Gold". Its has got a strong and sharp fragrance which hits you on the face, people who like mild fragrance might develop a headache.  Like the other famous perfumes from Victoria Secrets there is no innovation that appeals you. All in all, I don't like this perfume and would not recommend it. My advice,  please smell this fragrance before you purchase it or you might regret it later. Please note,  Angel Dream is quiet different then Dream Angel so please don't get confused here.

SP Rating : 1.5/5 

This was my opinion on both the perfumes. Hope its helpful. Drop me a comment which is your favorite perfume. 



  1. Hi, my favourite perfume of both is VS Angel Gold. Its realy sensual and sparking perfect for summer and night with friends. c:

    1. Hi Coni.......yes I agree VS Angel Gold is very sensual fragrance. Have you tried VS BOMBSHELL??