Saturday, 28 March 2015

7th Heaven's - Lipsticks

When you hear just the brand 7th HEAVEN'S, your imagination can run to many directions imagining various thing you could relate to. This has got nothing to do with spa or salon. A beauty brand which is not so famous and popular yet. 

Stumbled upon this brand during one of my window shopping and could not resist myself. Beautiful colors grab your attention and it does not take much time to make up your mind which colors to choose. Does not get that easy and simpler than this :)   ( A confession of  a window shopaholic). 

Packaging : The outside box is classy, compact and instantly grabs your attention. Lipsticks are packaged in a capsule kind of packaging in a matte black container,  sleek and compact.  The capsule packaging is kind of ok nothing great. 

Price : Rs. 160/- ( Killer budgeted price :)) 

Texture : Matte lipsticks, rich in color and shade. Glides on effortlessly Build able coverage. Can be used over lip balm for glossy and moisturizing effect. 

My Opinion about 7th HEAVEN'S Lipstick 

Pretty impressed with the price and  shades. These are matte lipsticks but glides on easily without tugging. For more intense color, you can build the coverage  as desired. These lipsticks has mild fragrance but nothing too overpowering. Once applied you might hardly realize it later on.

I love applying these lipsticks in both ways as per my mood,. Some times I prefer to go matte, otherwise I apply it over lip balm.

For the price it comes in these are a steal deal. These lipsticks were out of stock for many days before its again hit the rack.  The shades are trendy and will go on most of the outfits.

Matte lipsticks have different kind of appeal, it makes the application easier if its formulated well enough to glide on smoothly without tugging.

SP Rating : 4/5

Final Verdict 

If you are looking out for a budgeted buy, then I suggest you should give these lipsticks a try. Beautiful trendy shades and value for money.


  1. Hi Zahira...Nice review... I ve been looking out for these lipsticks. Where did u get them from?


    1. Hey Erica ... these are available at the store name BEAUTIFUL which is at Andheri Lokhandwala

  2. I have bought liquid lipstick from this brand recently and they make great dupe for NYX lipcreams :) I have not bought the lipsticks though :( now i think i should have ...

  3. Wow, that coral shade is gorgeous! Perfect for Spring.

  4. I simply love this product... its powder matte . As far as i know powder matte lipsticks are priced much on a higher side.. but this one is just apt with an affordable price

  5. I simply love this product.. its powder matte & gives a classy finish i have three shades of these they are absolutely stunning .

  6. Hi I have used dis lips tick.. Its awsum.. Pls tell me in Delhi from where i can purchase dis

  7. hii zahira,

    i am looking code number of 40 in red colour in 7heaven lipstick.
    is it available online or stores.please reply