Thursday, 15 January 2015

Budgeted Buy - Unique Style Lip Pencils

Since the time I have left my job, have become more busy then I ever imagined. Enjoying every moment of it :))  

Today's post ...

Expensive things are not always good and so does the cheap ones. You can find some great products in both the range , you just need to choose wisely. Today I am going to review lip pencils from Unique Style.

One of the window shopping spree made me stumble upon the Unique Style Lip Pencils .  Picked up six from this brand in six different colors. Thought..... I should give it a try.

These are much affordable and  budgeted lip liners. You wont stop grinning if you hear the price :))  Trust me all the colors are stunning and the quality of the product is great for the price it comes in. OK !!!! that's enough detail for now lets review the product.

Price : Rs. 100/-

My Experience on Unique Style Lip Pencil 

Picked up six lip liners, starting from natural shades to much bolder shades.

Glides on smoothly without tugging. Creamy texture helps the product to spread out evenly. You can use these lip pencils as a lip liner or apply it like a lipstick. If you are filling your lips with these pencils,   you would need a  gloss or  a product like Wet Lips to get a nice glossy effect. Just the pencil would be too matte to use as a lipstick.

The packaging is simple and very average but who cares about the packaging when the product is good and value for money ...right !!! The pencils comes with a black cap and the body of the pencil is in the color of a lip liner which is easier to identify.

Does not harm the lips and the color show off is very good and appealing. I am writing this review after exhausting one batch of six pencils and bought the second batch where I discovered one more new shade which is called Brick,   before writing this review. I am totally hooked onto this pencils. Trust me !!! you too would love it. 

SP Rating : 5/5 

  • Budgeted buy 
  • Value for money
  • Creamy texture
  • Glides on smoothly without tugging 
  • Can be used as lip liner and lipstick 
  •  Variety of Beautiful and gorgeous shades 
  • Available in Natural to Bold colors 

 None I can think of 

Final Verdict 

Unique Style Lip Liners are value for money and worth buying. Every color is unique and appealing. Watch out for this product girls .... they are selling like a hot cake.

That's all from my end,  hope you guys find this post informative . 

Will bring many such product to your notice which are good and affordable,  for those who like buying products that are budgeted and value for money.

Do let me know you feedback and opinion, for many more such reviews .... stay connected. 

Happy Weekend !!! 


  1. where did you buy it from? seems perfect reasonably priced matte lipcolor :)

    1. I bought these from Beauty Palace Anubhuti ... they are great .. after using them you will like it more

  2. wow 5/5 is really nice and these are quiet affordble
    look at the pigmentation ,Im sold completely

    1. These are indeed a great product and best buy Kirthi. Try it out..

  3. Oh, wow, the shades really are beautiful! "Nude Mauve" is definitely my favorite.

  4. Where are they available in Mumbai?

    1. Check at crawford beauty place

    2. You can even check at kandivali beauty palace

    3. You can even check at kandivali beauty palace

    4. Check at crawford beauty place

  5. Where are they available in Mumbai?