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Live Natural Look Natural - Unveiling of BeautAir Products

A good skin care regime helps you to keep your skin healthy. Choosing a good skin care product as per your skin type is very essential. I personally believe if you have a healthy skin anything looks good on you. So why not take little efforts and invest in a product which is all natural with no side effects. Be it shampoo or skin care I prefer organic stuff which brings me to today's post where I am going to unveil BeautAir Products.

I came across BeautAir through my sister who was already using their product and observed not only her skin was looking healthy but glowing too. Caught hold of my sister and asked her to puke out what she was using. "Sssssssh its secret" :)) that was her response..... but finally she let the secret out. 

Using BeautAir for a month now and felt my readers should benefit from this too,  so got in touch with the owner to get few details and requested a special introductory price for the Splendid Persona readers. Wow! Isn't it a great news, I am super excited. All you have to do is mention Splendid Persona while placing your order and you will be entitled to a special price on all Beautair Products.

Lemme tell you these products are not available in any store. Will mention her details below in the post you can either what's app or email her for your requirement.

More on Beautair....

A young entrepreneur whose focus was to create natural products for different needs. Samreen Rehman started this venture with lots of passion, first catering to family than friends and soon the increasing demand has garner her with many more valuable clients ME being one of them.

Mother of two brats, home-maker and in this business for over a year now. Her focus is to make fuss and toxin free personal care products for those who are interested in using organic products. She believes in Live natural and Look Natural. I totally agree with her. 

Beautair Products

Lip Balm, Eye Cream , Body Butter, All Purpose Face Cream to name few. 

Have used her lip balm and body butter , extremely good and effective that I can vouch for it. Since the time I have swiped this on my lips, could see a visible difference. This is way better than the brands have used so far. Overall ! this what I call a natural products with clean ingredients .

Packaging & Texture 

The packaging is simple yet eye catching, reminds me of Lush products. Though these are much cheaper than Lush. Lip Balm and Eye Cream comes in a roll on container which is easier and comfortable to use. Glides on easily without tugging. Lip balm keeps your lips moisturized and gives a natural sheen . Body butter and All purpose Face Cream comes in a tub container. The consistency is thick but spreads like a butter.

Ingredients : Shea Butter, Sunflower Oil, Coconut Oil, Essential Oils : Carrot seed oil, Almond oil, Tea Tree oil, Vitamin E Frankincense oil, Beeswax, Aloe Vera Gel and Green tea.

My Verdict 

Lip Balm : available in two flavors Peppermint and Peach. Have picked up peppermint and loving it. This season I am facing with extremely dry lips, to top it up, have a habit of peeling. This is a staple in my routine skin care regime, apply it while sleeping at night and I find my lips soft and supple in the morning. Repeat the same in the morning and I am sorted throughout the day. My peeling of lips have reduced drastically thanks to BeautAir lip balm. 

Introductory Price : Rs. 150/- The Original Price is for Rs. 250/-

Eye Cream :  Comes in a roll on container which makes it easier in application. My mother in law has been using the eye cream, it moisturizes her dry skin , reduces the dark circles and keep puffiness away. Like me she too is applying this product at night while going to sleep. It does a great job and she is quiet happy using the eye cream. So if you think you are facing with a similar problem then go for this one. 

Introductory Price : Rs. 200/- The Original Price is for Rs. 300/-

Body Butter : A big sucker for body lotion and body butter hence I could not wait to use this one. Comes in a tub container and is thick in consistency. The body butter has a mild and soothing fragrance. When you apply it tends to feel little greasy but then immediately gets absorbed leaving your skin soft and nourished. Little goes a long way.

Introductory Price : Rs. 550/- The Original Price is for Rs. 750/-

All Purpose Face Cream : I am little particular about face creams.  We all are blessed with different skin categorized as dry, normal oily and combination skin. You need to first understand your skin before choosing a right product. Would identify my skin as normal to combination skin so this works fine for me. Very little amount is required, the consistency is thick but spreads smoothly and gets absorbed well. I mostly apply this cream while going to sleep hence in the morning my skin feels soft and moisturized. A tub will sure last you for a long time.

Introductory Price : Rs. 500/- The Original Price is for Rs. 700/-

The ingredients gives you relief that the product you are using are very natural, toxin and paraben free. The only drawback that I felt these are not easily available in stores but then on the other hand in today's age where we order most our products online I see no problem in getting them.

How to place your order 

You can either Whats App or Email her with your requirement. Business card is attached below for your reference.

BeautAir Email : /

SP Rating : 4/5

Final Verdict

It makes the skin soft, hydrated and supple. The natural ingredients makes it even more appealing and worth buying. More than the packaging I believe the product should deliver and this is what it does.

Hope you too benefit from BeautAir  products. The introductory offer is for limited time so hurry up before you run out of time.

That's all from my end.  Any queries then drop me a comment below and I shall revert back to you at my earliest.

I wont promise anything as it becomes really difficult for me to blog when I have a growing up naughty son to take care off, but as and when if there is anything worth blogging I shall definitely make time and let my readers know. 

Till then take care and stay blessed... 

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