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Holistic Cure Not Half Cure - NuAyurveda Clinic

My routine off late has been running around my nine month old son Riyan. Time flies and I see that my son is growing up fast.  Enjoying every bit of motherhood, including sleepless nights and hectic schedules. In the midst of my routine suddenly a reminder pop’s up on my phone which makes me realize I have an appointment to catch up at Nu Ayurveda Clinic for a therapy session. 

Any other reminder wouldn’t have made me happy as I was to see this one.  The best way to relax and unwind is to visit a Spa. There was a time when in Mumbai Spas were rare but nowadays could spot one at every short distance.

About NuAyurveda

NuAyurveda clinic promises holistic cure for chronic illnesses through Ayurvedic treatment in Mumbai. Co-founded by graduates from IIT-Bombay, IIM-Ahmedabad and S.P. Jain Institute of Management & Research, NuAYurveda brings science with tradition under one roof. NuAyurveda believes in providing a total care and therefore appoints some of the best Ayurvedic Doctors in Mumbai who bring years of experience and in-depth knowledge to design the best Ayurvedic treatment to suit your needs.

NuAyurveda Ayurvedic Clinic in Mumbai provides effective and time tested Ayurvedic therapies to manage several health conditions including back pain, arthritis, psoriasis, gastric acidity problems, weight issues etc. NuAyurveda is one of the best Ayurvedic Treatment Centres Mumbai, which provide authentic panchkarma in Mumbai. Since Ayurveda believes in providing holistic care, the doctors consider your lifestyle, food habits and physical activity status while designing the treatment regimen for you.

My Experience 

When I came across Nu Ayurveda Clinic I felt this would be just like any other Spas, but... have to confess that it has more to it than meets the eye.  Inquisitiveness made me visit NuAyurveda and was pretty surprised to see there were therapy sessions according to your requirement or shall I say problems that you are facing.

Had stiffness in my neck and a nagging back pain which was there from past more than a week and was getting on my nerve.  This appointment with NuAyurveda Clinic seems to be blessing in disguise. I reached there by sharp 11.00 am.  The interior is nothing phish posh or dim or for that matter smelling of essential oils like I had seen in most of the other Spa’s.  

As you enter the NuAyurveda Clinic it gives you the feeling of calmness with interior being very simple and basic. The reception counter had number of therapeutic medicines displayed. The waiting area had few clients from young to old already waiting for their treatment to start with quiet eagerness.  

At the reception I was given a form to be filled, few question about yourself which would help the Doctor to understand which therapy you should go for.  This was a welcome change from the normal spa routine where in you are given a menu card of the therapies and you just choose one.  The discussion with the doctor was quite interesting and enlightening for me to understand the impacts of different massages on your body and recommendations based on the problem’s that you might be facing.

Doctor Pooja was attentively listening to me, explaining in detail to all the questions fired to her from my end and suggesting appropriate therapy.  According to my requirement she suggested that I first go in for Abhayamgan Massage  which would help me to relax my muscles and help me  unwind whereas for my back pain she suggested  to take a Potli massage. The Potli massage is done with oil and few rare herbs in a Potli which helps to reduce pain and gives relief gradually.

As suggested I first chose the Abhyangam therapy.  Was pretty impressed with the discussion session but should confess had few doubts as to how the massage will be.  Was pleasantly surprised to see two therapist Subha and Reshma waiting for me. They were courteous enough in making me comfortable. This was the first time that I was taking a therapy with two therapists, so the feeling was mixed but they looked very confident and sure about themselves.

My feet’s were washed with a warm water and starting with the head massage the therapy followed with lot of smooth movements and acupressure at few precise points. In no time I was finding myself relaxed, my body unwinding and this time under the four magical hands transforming me into a different world altogether where I just wanted to  forget everything and be there for some time.  My face too was given enough attention and pressure points that helped me relaxed overall. 

The attentive therapists just blew me away.  They actually found 2 points in my back with some swelling.  Detailed attention given to the therapy made me relax more.  I could suddenly feel the stiffness actually reduce.

As every good thing comes to an end my session too was coming to an end. I was in a slumber when the therapist lightly patted on my shoulder and informed “Mam the therapy is over”.  A good hot water bath and with fresh clothes on felt like I was born again with enough blood pumping through my body and no trace of any stiffness or pain. Felt fresh and truly rejuvenated. A feeling nothing less than a heaven if you don’t believe me than take a therapy and be a judge. 

After the session a portion of some medicated powder was put on my scalp to waive off cold and a glass of medicated water was given to drink.  Another meeting with doctor Pooja felt like a totally different person sitting in front of her. They have some very good packages that you can take it up as you feel comfortable. Discussed various packages that they had to offer with a promise and a will to visit NuAyurveda Clinic again… very soon.

5 Great Reasons to Choose NuAyurveda Clinic

  • Benefit from science and tradition
  • Reliable advice from qualified doctors 
  • Treatments customized to solve your problems 
  • Holistic treatments plans 
  • A professional experience every time  

Various Ayurvedic Treatment Offered :

  • Panchakarma Treatment
  • Weight Loss Treatment
  • Hair Loss Treatment
  • Skin Disease Treatment
  • Arthritis & Spondylitis Treatment
  • Gastric Acidity Treatments
  • Low Back Pain Treatment
  • Paralysis Treatment
  • Sleep Problems Treatment
  • Stress Management Programme

Panchakarma Ayurvedic treatment for body detoxification

Panchakarma treatment in Ayurveda refers to five therapeutic measures (Karmas) to be undertaken for complete detoxification of body. The panchakarma includes Ayurvedic therapies such as Vaman (Medicated Emesis), Virechan (Purgation), Nasyam (Nasal Instillation), Raktamokhshan (Blood Letting) and Basti (Enema). Panchakarma treatments are mainly indicated for elimination of toxins from the body.

Felt this was yet another experience worth sharing with my readers.  Its been  more than a week now and still feeling  light and fresh which of course is not the same experience with all the other spas where the effect last just for a day or two. 

A good impressive interior does not matter to me more than the outcome that should be deliverable. At the end of any session the lasting effect and a feel good factor is that what matters.  You can also gift a therapy session for your loved ones, what better way to express and show that you care and love them. 

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SP Rating : 4/5

Final Verdict

Don’t judge a book by its cover… in this case there might not be a very impressive interior or a fragrance of essential oils drifting from every nook of the place but it sure makes your body and mind relaxed with a lasting effect for the days to come. An experience worth sharing. 

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