Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Make up Be Gone - Johnson's Face Care Wipes

Late night parties or outings does not leave you much of a time. You are tired and its late, all you can think of is hitting the bed ASAP. 

We tend to get ready with lot of enthu and excitement but once the occasion is over the excitement just evaporates like a soda bottle :) Yes that's the best example I can think of.  When you are about to open a soda bottle there is lot of fizz inside once open and few sips, all the fizz just disappears. 

Likewise ...when you are back home from party or any late outings getting your make up off seems to be like a task. I too feel the same :) 

Worry not ! instead of going through a task.... here's a simple, easy and quick way to get your make up off within few seconds. 

Today I am going to review Johnson's Face Care Wipes which I am using for couple of months now. After using many make up remover wipes,  hooked on to this one. 

Johnson's Face Care Wipes Claim ... 

JOHNSON'S Fragrance free facial cleansing wipes are 100% free from perfume and Alcohol. They gently wipe away impurities and effectively remove make up even waterproof mascara, leaving your skin hydrated whilst caring for even most sensitive skin. 

Price : Rs. 350/- 

Qty : 25 Wipes

My Take on Johnson's Face Care Wipes

Been using this  for couple of months now and I am in love with these wipes . Have tried many others as well but seriously speaking among the whole lot these are the best. Just the perfect blend for what your skin needs without worrying too much. 

These wipes are available as per different skin types, depending upon which category you belong to. Mine is a combination skin so I usually pick up the ones meant for normal skin.  The color of the pack will differ, like the blue pack is for dry skin and the cream one is for normal skin. As you can see in the picture, I have already exhausted the blue pack and currently using the one in cream which is meant for normal skin.

It helps me to remove my make up efficiently even the ones which are labelled as water proof. Leaves my skin clean and soft without making it greasy or any break outs later on. 

This has been my go to wipes off late, makes my life much easier especially on the days when I am just back from a night out.  

I have tried the ones meant for dry skin also and so far it has not given me any problems.  So in case if the normal ones are out of stock I pick up the one meant for dry skin and it equally works great on my skin. 

For the wipes I find the price a bit expensive but I don't mind paying if the product is good and worth the money. Just imagine ! you buy an expensive product which claims lot of good things and after buying you discover what a waste of money it was. Money wasted and neither you want to use the product, happens a lot with me Grrrrrrrrrr.....

Hope you find this post helpful. Have you been using any make up remover wipes off late than share with us your opinion which might be helpful to lot of us. 

SP Rating : 4.5/5 

Final Verdict 

Johnson's Face Care Wipes are worth the money. Don't think much....just go for it. Pick up the right one according to your skin types and you would love it too :)

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