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Sebastian Portion 9

THE NINETH WONDER OF THE HAIR WORLD - For nearly 20 years, Portion 9 has been the iconic style care hybrid that stylist & consumers turn to. 

Potion 9 is a truly wearable and versatile styling treatment which combines the caring benefits of nine active Botanical Extracts with Sebastian’s professional styling technology to condition, manage and nourish the hair.

Potion 9 leaves the hair revitalized with flexible strength and improved manageability so you can style your hair as you desire with minimal fuss and damage

I visited my hairstylist for the routine trimming of my hair & i was quiet impressed with the way her hair was styled. It gave her a very fresh after shower look which was quite a good change from the routine straight hair. When i inquired about how did she manage to get this look. She introduced me to Sebastian Portion 9 product. 

After shower you have to take a little quantity of this product & apply it on the wet hair & squeeze your hair & leave it to dry naturally for this particular look. You can also use blow dry (used for curling hair)  for getting more precised curls.

What makes potion 9 different is its ingredient list. It uses a blend of 9 special botanicals that helps make your hair fabulous. These botanical are:

Simmodsia Chinensis Plant Seed Oil - Also know as jojoba oil,  It helps moisturize hair
and absorb into the scalp.
Carthamus Tinctorius Seed Oil - Called safflower oil, is a fatty acid which helps the hair maintain optimal health.
Gingerlly Oil - Is a great source of Vitamin E and naturally fights free radicals.
Cusi Oil - It comprised mainly of lipids which helps with hydration.
Olive Oil - Is a moisturizer and a cleanser .
Sun cup Oil - A sun cup is a type of flower. It contains high amounts of linoleic acid which helps with hair health.
Rice Bran Oil - Is high in rich fatty acids which are good for your hair.
Willow Bark Extract - Helps keep the hair hydrated for a longer amount of time and fight frizz.
Green Tea Extract - Is a natural anti oxidant and naturally help keep hair healthy by stopping damage due to the environment.

These 9 simple ingredients are the corner stone of Sebastian Potion 9 they come together and create a fantastic product with many benefits.We highly recommend this product, it is worth every penny.

How to use it

  • Apply to damp hair and blow-dry or air dry for silky, touchable looks.
  • Use hot tools for refined curls.
  • Re-apply to dry hair for texture and control.

Sebastian Potion 9 will hydrate your hair all day while never weighing it down or leaving it feeling oily. It also smells fantastic like some kind of island fruit. It has an orange-y color which pretty much matches the smell. It can be used on wet or dry hair, and is great at reducing frizz.

Sebastian Portion 9 small bottle is priced at Rs. 550/- 

Tip: Potion 9 can be mixed with other Sebastian styling products to boost the exceptional results – e love mixing it with Liquid Gloss for an extra shine boost to dull hair.

Good About this Product 

Caring benefit of Nine active Botanical Extracts
Easy to use  
Smells fantastic

Not so good about this Product

 Available only at few limited Salons in Mumbai.

Rating: 8/10

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