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Fashion Haul - Apparels & Accessories

Every season I like to update my wardrobe, there is something or the other that you want to buy as the season changes or maybe that's just an excuse to buy new stuff :),  its been a while that I did a fashion haul. Today's review is about all that I have purchased in past few months .

Love wearing accessories but at times, tend to be lazy. Window shopping is something that really makes me happy, don't much prefer a planned shopping. 

I like to pick fancy rings and have a collection of it. Today, will share the new addition in this collection along with some apparels that I have randomly picked from different places.

To start with ....

The below shirt is from Anabelle,  picked up from Pantaloons. This shirt looks so cute with those small hearts all over.  Comfortable, chic and feminine.

Price : Rs. 899/-

Another buy from Lokhandwala is navy blue color shirt, which has crown printed all over. Its not a branded one. The fit is super comfortable. There were many different prints in this shirt, like mine has crown all over, there were others like anchor, leaf, flower.... printed on it. 

Price:  1000/- 

Global Desi

The Long Maxi style gown is from Global Desi,  picked up from Phoenix Palladium, the color is bright and peppy and the fit is super comfortable, ideal for summer wear. Its made of Hozari material and the style is apt for beach wear . Did not like the quality of the fabric, just wore this maxi twice and when I was taking pictures of this gown,  discovered a small hole in the maxi which obviously will increase by each wear.

Was quiet furious for the price that I have paid for this Maxi, did not expect the quality to be so poor. I am going to confront Global Desi store and bring this issue to their notice.

Price : Rs. 2799/-

T-shirts from FBB

Some really nice prints and colors were there on display. I have picked three T-shits in different colors and these were under offer,  dam cheap.

Price : Rs. 499/- for three

Apparels done now lets have a check on accessories. Its fun to share the accessories part with you'll. Jewelry does gives you that added touch and make you look more glamorous and feminine. 

Sometimes ! we just get carried away and end up buying unnecessary stuff which we regret later on, so make the right choice when you are picking up accessories. Take your time in choosing and if you are not convinced then don't go for it. This goes for apparels too.

Keeping aside all that gyan lets get started on accessories. 


This neck piece, got it from Qup when the sale was on. Qup has some trendy accessories, there were many on the display if you are looking out for some causal wear,  you can also check their purses and sandals.  I quiet like this heart shape neck piece in rose gold with half stone studded and half plain.

Price : 750/-

Another pick from Qup was this beautiful pair of earrings in rose gold color.  I don't remember the exact price of this earring.

Price : Approximate Rs 450/-


One of the window shopping pick were these earrings from Ayesha. I quiet like the designs and the way it falls.This is one of my favorite earrings. The same design was available in Gold but I chose to go with the oxidized black. Again I don't remember the exact price but its somewhere around as quoted below.

Price : Rs. approx 375/-

Tribal Zone

These earring,  picked up from Hyper city while doing grocery shopping. They do have a display there and this particular design caught my fancy.

Price : Rs. 330/-

Bangles from Mahua

My aunty had gifted me this bangles from Mahua. Not much of a bangle person,  though bracelet and kada are more of my style. Bangles I like to wear only on sarees. These are the dupes of the jewelery made from Elephants teeth.

Price : Since its a gift, I have no idea about it.

Colaba Causeway

Colaba Causeway is a hot destination for shopping accessories. A street full of accessories will make you go bonkers. Whatever you pick,  don't forget to bargain, you will get the latest trend accessories for quiet a cheaper price. 

I picked these two long neck piece to wear it on a long maxi style gown. The dull gold long neck piece, you can wear it on long maxi style gown or short dresses. Just roll it around your neck twice when you are wearing a short knee length dress.There are different ways you can wear it. These kind of long neck piece are ample of them and you can have your pick as desired.

Price : Rs. 150/- each

As I mentioned earlier, love to collect fancy rings. Casual or any special occasion. A statement piece on your hand makes all the difference.

This ring was gifted to me by my sister She picked this up from Hill Road Bandra, another hot destination for jewelry shopping but you would never get a good deal like you get in Colaba Causeway. You can bargain here as well but not much. 

Price : Gifted hence no idea

These rings I have picked up from Dubai. They have some really gorgeous collection from daily wear to special occasions. You can have your pick as desired. The finish and designs are something to look out for, very unique and beautiful. The heavy rings are little expensive then the regular ones.

Price : AED 25-40

That's all I have to share in this fashion haul, hope this post was interesting and informative. Where do you shop for your accessories, one piece in your collection which is your most favorite. 

Signing off for now, you guys have a great weekend. Take care and Enjoy !!!

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