Monday, 14 July 2014


Shopping is fun especially when there isn’t any agenda and you are on a window shopping spree. Today’s write up is on my latest spoils of fashion world - from the likes of VERO MODA, AND, ESBEDA, JULIET and ADD ONS Accessories. 

Do you recollect my last shopping haul where I picked up a orange color maxi style dress from Global Desi (GD) and had reported a hole in the maxi, well ! the next day I took the outfit  to the GD store and brought the issue to their notice. After the inspection of the current one they decided to replace it with a fresh one. I was told, this would take time as all the stock of the same range has been sold out and they had to call it from the other store. "Ok ! Noted I will wait" was my pat reply. 

Finally ! I get a call from GD to pick the fresh dress which was called from the other store and was the only piece left.  To my horror , that dress too had a hole in it. Gawd !!!  not again ! 

The GD staff was courteous enough to give me a credit note and I could shop from either GD or AND. I was relieved to hear that as I had not faced such a situation any time before.  A word of advice to all of you there, when you are shopping please recheck before billing to avoid such kind of inconvenience. Specially in apparels, be it from any high or low end brand.

Few days back I visited Infinity Mall 2 @ Malad and there was a sale going on in every store available in the mall. I find shopping boring and irritating when there is sale on, as malls are overcrowded, long queues for trials and payments, if you like something there is no size available and the list is endless. The whole element of thrill disappears.  What’s the point ! For most women, shopping is stress buster and during the big sale period shopping becomes more of a pain then pleasure.

Now the fashion haul, I straight away headed to AND I was eager to en-cash my credit note :), where I picked up this beautiful long gown in Aqua color. Simple yet very feminine and to my luck this was the only piece left in my size :)). It has a long slit from front till knee. I can wear this just as it is or team it up with white shrug and white pants.

Price : Rs. 2199/-

A piece of jewelry is women's best friend, I agree,  so what if it’s just a fashionable piece. ADD ONS Accessories had me glued and finally I shortlisted two pair of earnings. One a pure party wear and the other one can be worn casually. There were many that I wanted to pick but then decided on these two. 

Price : Rs. 799/-  (for both)

The next buy was from In-orbit Mall Malad. There was sale going on in VERO MODA from where I picked up two tops. One knee length which is a simple pink color top, very comfortable and the other one is a short checkered top in pink and purple.  I was happy  and contended with my buy. I don't remember the discounted price now but I think it was around 40-50%  off on the actual price. 

Price : 

Plain Pink: Actual Price Rs 1695/-
Checkered Pink : Actual Price : R. 1695/- 

While browsing in Shoppers Stop,  I was smitten by Paris Hilton Purse in Bright Fushia Pink, it had 20% off and was for Rs. 8500/- which was way beyond my budget.  Sense prevailed and I stepped out from there.

While walking past  ESBEDA store , one particular purse on display caught my attention. After browsing for some time in the store, I kept looking at the one which caught my attention. It was love at first sight. Oh boy ! what a color, looked very classy, I could not resist but buy.

Price : Rs. 2980/- 

My final destination was Lokhandwla market, from where I wanted to pick up few night suits. After browsing few shops I finally zeroed down to these two. What I like about them is,  they are very comfortable, feminine  and trendy.

The red one has been teamed up with a colorful harem with some nice cut sleeves. The purple one has a feminine fall and the material is so very comfortable. These were the best pick that I could manage, rest of the stuff was either too boring or too monotonous.

Price : 
Red - Rs. 1290/-
Purple - Rs. 1090/-

This was my latest buy from the fashion world,  I am truly loving all this stuff and quiet eager to try on. Well that’s all I have to share this time.  Do drop in a word on any questions you have and I shall get back to you.

" Fashion is what you are offered four times a is what you pick out of that Fashion" 


  1. Nice buy!! I liked the Pink top from Vero Moda...

    1. Thank you Dipti ... Pink is my favorite too :)

  2. ncie haul :)

  3. Wow, that Love Aqua dress is so beautiful. I'd totally wear that with white leather sandals!

  4. Such a lovely haul Zahira:)

    1. Thank you Fiona, I am super eager and excited to try this lovely stuff.

  5. great it

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