Saturday, 22 November 2014

Makeover / Transformation - Before And After

If you never realised the power of make up before then you have to see this jaw dropping pictures 
of before and after make up.  Make up can transform a simple girl next door to a more glamorous avatar or even as good as a cover page model. 

Different people have different requirements. Models and actors are open to experimenting with different make up looks where as a working girl might prefer to go for a natural look. 

As mentioned in my earlier post, this transformation  is about a girl who is not use to applying make up at all. So lets check out how a correct make up can help you to achieve a flawless and a glowing outlook which not only will boost your confidence but make you think you are no less then any model or actress . 

Lets take a look at after make up picture first. 

Big deal right ??? Hold on ! before you make up your mind and think what so great in it,  lets have a look at before picture and then let me know what you think about the change.  

Have tried to keep it as simple as I can. If you observe there are no false lashes or contact lens used in the above pictures but still she looks fresh and beautiful.

Few other pictures of before and after looks which marks a prominent difference in the outlook and are worth going through a memory lane.


Mighty impressive right.  I am sure after looking at this incredible pictures you too would agree with me that make up does make a huge difference. 

Would love to hear .....what do you think about these beautiful make over???

Thats all from my end, hope you guys are having a great fun time over the weekend.

Happy weekend  !!!


  1. Wow! Everybody looks so beautiful afterward, but still like themselves.

    1. Thank you Tammy ... I believe that's the art of make up..

  2. indeed makes a ot of difference :D Loved the post and pictures :)

    1. Thanks Purva ... Yes it does make a huge difference.