Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Make up Brushes - Unique Style & Pro Arte

Having good brushes in your kit is very important. All expensive things are not good, the same goes for brushes too. 

On my recent visit to beauty stores,  happened to pick up some really nice brushes at a very affordable price. When you are buying make up  brushes you need to check the bristles , hold,  quality and whether it will serve your purpose.  

Even after checking and keeping all the above points in mind , It's only after using the brush, you would be sure in telling whether they are really good and worth buying.

Are these brushes really worth ???? lets check out .

1) Unique Style Flat Brush
2) Pro Arte Flat Brush
3) Contour Brush - China Brand

My first pick was from the brand Unique Style. Its a flat brush and can be used for concealer and corrections.

Price : Rs. 75/-

Everything looked perfect about this brush hence I decided to go for it. Its such a delight to work with this brush,  really soft on skin and is perfect for concealing and corrections .

SP Rating : 5/5

2) Pro Arte Flat Brush

Another brush which is not as soft as the Unique Style Brush but equally good for concealing and corrections.

Price : Rs. 110/-

SP Rating : 4/5

3) Contouring Brush -  China Brand 

This was just a random pick. The brush appearance looks quiet similar to Real Techniques Brushes. I thought I could use this brush for contouring but seriously speaking its a complete waste brush fit for nothing but trash bin. 

The bristles are too soft, there is no hold and goes places when you are applying any product. To me this  is a complete waste brush, you just cannot use this for any purpose. 

Price : Rs. 140/-

SP Rating : 1/5  

These were my opinion on the above brushes after using them, hope you find this post informative.
So next time when you go to pick up any make up brushes you know what to look out for.

Coming up next .... make over from a girl  next door to a more glamorous avatar, watch this space for more :)  A transformation that you cannot ignore.


  1. I also have some brushes which i got from Buyincoins and i must say the quality is amazing

  2. Very affordable :) Nice review..