Monday, 2 June 2014

Maleficent - Make up Look

Saturday evening went to watch Maleficent at PVR Imax, I must say the experience was awesome and worth watching. Angelina Jolie completely inhabited the role of an evil fairy, she looked flawless in her appearance as well in her role. Her hyper chiseled raised cheekbone, courtesy of prosthetic make up has been the talk of the town.

After watching the movie , I was excited like a little girl and straight away headed to Mac Store and checked Maleficent collection.  It was there on the display launched on 30th May 2014. The collection is mostly red and neutral as portrayed by the make up of Angelina Jolie in the movie.  Mac had an opportunity to go with new colors for the release, but the colors in the squad looked very similar to the ones that they already had.

After watching Maleficent,  I so wanted to try the make up look worn by Angelina Jolie. I made an attempt for this look minus few things like the prosthetic raised cheekbone, horns and of course her iconic lens. Minus all these and the digital gimmicks this is what I came up with.  Closest to me being evil :)) 

In this look, the eye make has been kept neutral just the pop of yellow above the crease, with heavy contouring and red lips.

Let's check the look.


Chikko Moisturizing Cream
Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation


BH Cosmetics - 2nd Edition Palette 
Mac Painterly Pot
Clinique Orange Brightener + Concealer in Honeycomb
Konad Auto Sytle Eyebrow Pencil
Lakme Eyeconic Pencil 

Loreal Million Lash Mascara
Mac Blacktrack Eye Liner
Lakme Liquid Eye Liner 
Ardell - False Eye Lashes 
Ardell Glue 

Mac Ruby Woo

That's Heart Palette Highlighter 
Hoola  Bronzer

This was an inspirational look created from Maleficent and I hope you guys liked it.  What do you think about this look, I would love to hear from all of you.


  1. OMG!!! Zara I have never imagined u being evil.... But if ur evil look is so hot... I loved it.. Super hot... Splendid look..

  2. Must admit indeed a very splendid outcome .. Hats of to ur talent .. U looking stunning even in tht evil cum hot look .. Actually its a very thin line between the evil n sexy look of these pics .. Farah Shaikh

  3. Simply awesome!! The transformation is beautiful <3

  4. Wow.... This one's awesome too....
    It's so vivacious n classy.... not sure I'd want to try it out though unless I'm into one of the dramatic fits ;).... It gives me a wild idea of having a beauty N d beast theme party :)... What say!!!

    1. Not a bad idea to host a theme party.. will be fun :)