Sunday, 1 June 2014

Handmade Woolen baby frock, booties and cap

For centuries woolen clothing have been used for dressing up babies. It gives a nice warm and cozy feeling. Woolen clothes are also ideal for gifting purpose. Babies need that extra care and comfort, what could be better than handmade booties, caps and frocks

Have come across some really cute handmade baby clothes, lets take a look at these adorable stuff.  

Had read it somewhere... I think at Little Kangaroos, "God gifts babies and we gift wrap them" ,  how true. Babies have soft sensitive skin and woolen clothes makes an ideal wear as it does not harm or irritates the skin.

In winters, woolen clothing protects from cold and keeps them warm. 

Dress up your babies with these lovely woolen clothing or gift to the ones who are newly born. A thoughtful gift for someone you care.  Babies are so delicate that you would want the best for them.

You can choose what colors you want and get it done. So many beautiful color combination to choose from and they look such loveable and sweet. 

For more details or to place your orders, kindly get in touch with Dipti Kochrekar.

Her contact details are as mentioned below:

Name : Dipti Kocharekar
Email :
Mobile No : +918976122236
Price : On Request. 

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