Monday, 16 June 2014

Exquisite Bridal Look

My dearest little sister is getting married in month of October. With her bridal attire in place, we thought about experimenting with bridal looks.

I have seen so many people struggling to get a good make up artist to make them look beautiful on their wedding day. Many a times, it so happen, you might not like the make up that's done but being the last moment you cant do much about it but feel frustrated and upset.

Wedding day is a very special day of your life and hence its time to be in spotlight.  I will be doing couple of bridal look before we finalize on any two look, one for the wedding and another one for the reception. 

Bridal look can be little tricky, if not done properly you can look like a made up doll. I always prefer to do a trial before doing the final make up,  as lot of things needs to be taken into consideration. You can't take chances and mess up someone's special day. 

So this is what I tried this weekend, to me this look is traditional yet classy.




Chikko Moisturizing Cream
Bourjois Happy Light Foundation 
Lancome Eclat Illuminizer 


Urban Decay Vice 2 Palette
Costal Scents 88 Original Palette 
Mac Goldmine

BH Cosmetic Eye Primer
Konad Auto Sytle Eyebrow Pencil
Lakme Ultimate Kohl Pencil 
Faces Canada Pigment 
Loreal Million Lash Mascara
Mac Blacktrack Eye Liner
Lakme Liquid Eye Liner 
Just Gold Lashes
Ardell Glue 

Loreal Flaming Kiss + Mac Chilli

Highlighter- From That's Heart Palette
Mac Give me Sun - Bronzer 
Mac Blush - Melba

Every bride has the right to look beautiful and it can be achieved by highlighting certain features. Hope you guys liked this bridal look.  I am still in experimental mode, once I am through with all the bridal look , will let you know which ones we short listed.

Take care and have a lovely day ahead. 

This is for you Farah...

"There is no better friend than a sister and there is no better sister than you ....
It's the little thing that makes life big.... thank you for adding ......all those small little moments 
and making my life beautiful.....will miss you sweetheart"


  1. A Big Wow!!! I loved it!!! She looks sooooooo beautiful!!!!

    The makeover can be noticed in before & after...

    M sure she is going to steal many hearts on her Big day along with Groom ;)

  2. N the quote for Farah is sooo touchy... I m unlucky that i dont have a sis like you Zara :( .. Always be blessed...

  3. Hey Dipti... Thank you sooo much for such lovely and touchy words. We do share a special bond call Friendship don't forget that.

    1. Yes Zara!! I won't forget that bond for sure... M lucky to have a Friend, a guide, like u... I admire u a lot!!! Love u...

    2. Love you too sweetheart...

  4. wowowow that's so dam perfect... farah already looking like the most beautiful bride..... lovely .....

    love nilu

    1. Thanks dear... she is going to be one stunning bride.

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  6. Gawd..
    She looks Stunning! Great job...zahira! <3 loved how perfectly u have done her make up
    I hope u guys are not hiring a make up artist for her wedding. What u have done on her. else can do. Its called the make up magic. Thumbs up.for the look.

    N god bless u Farah. My good wishes r with u. Always be happy. :-)

    1. Thank you Erica, when there is one make up artist in-house there is no need for hiring. Even for that matter, my other sisters or cousins marriage, I was the one doing everyone's make up.

  7. When I was 5 you use to make me ready with same passion as you do now when I am 25... You are like my fairy god mother .. I have learned, laughed, cried, loved, shared and much more .. U r m bundle of joy ... Strength and courage .. U have been m teacher , friend, m strongest anchor , sister ... Just like a mother to a child .. Love u for filling all these roles just to its perfection ... N I love ur passion for making things beautiful ... You make me look soo beautiful always ... I m surely gonna missssssssssss u :( love u loadssss .. Farah Shaikh

  8. Thank u every one for all the lovely wishes .. God bless :)

  9. Nice! Love the gold and red combo! :)

  10. I always silently follow ur blog.. but this time I was touched... Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder... I can rephrase this... Beauty lies in the hands of Zahira... The magic touch... Farah as always looking stunning.. Keep it up Zara... and and and try something on me as well... After all I also wanna be an Eye Candy :D Abdul

  11. Dear Abdul ..Thank you for such warm compliment. Its good to see you commenting on the blog. I wish.....I could have been in two places at one time. Will let you on some tips and tricks, believe me you wont be less than any eye candy :))

    You look like a dude anyways.

  12. Wow, you look amazing! I really like the entire look; it seems like it'd be suitable for so many different women, too.