Sunday, 15 February 2015

PIK Studios Eye Liner & My Agra Trip...

Back from my trip to Delhi and Agra. The weather was awesome and the time spent is going to be memorable and cherished throughout my life.

Taj Mahal is beautiful and breathtaking. Recommend everyone to visit once at least and see the wonder of the world in person.

Coming to today s post.......... recently while I was at PVR Cinemas catching up on a movie, there was a promotion offer going on for PIK Studios eye liner pencil. Picked up one to give it a try.

Price :  Rs. 150/- 

My Opinion / Feedback on PIK Studios Eye Liner 

The packaging is little funky and eye catching, a black pencil with yellow cap. It's look more like a sketch pen kind of thing. The application is smooth and there is more control while applying the liner.

This one pencil gives you 200 lines, after which you need to buy a new one. Have applied this liner couple of times and find it easier to use. The best part is, its waterproof. 

When I bought this pencil, was not too sure about how it will be but after using this pencil,  was quiet impressed by its performance, It does not crack up like many other liners. It's dark enough and very neat in application.

Since it's a waterproof liner, you can stop worrying about smudging the liner. Last longer till the time you don't remove it with waterproof make up remover. Just slip it into your purse,  like any normal pen. You can easily apply this anytime anywhere. 

The only hitch that I found with this pencil is, there's no room for correction once the liner is applied.

Reasonably priced 
More control while applying 
Does not crack up 
Travel Friendly 
Gives 200 lines 
Long lasting 

No room for corrections 
Yet to be launched in the stores 

SP Rating : 4.5/5 

Final Verdict 

Guys watch out for this eye liner pencil from PIK Studios. Makes your life much easier. Loving it and sure you would like it too. 

Finally!!!  we have reached the end of this post, now you guys know all about this product before its officially launched. 

Hope you guys had a lovely Valentine day, mine was a super duper busy one . Since the time I have landed in Mumbai from my Delhi & Agra trip, its been a crazy week. Loaded with clients ..

There's lot happening at my end which is keeping me busy. I will reveal all in my upcoming post from the clients make over to product review there's lot to catch up on :))

Few pics from my Agra trip that I would like to share with you'll ...



  1. hey looking nice :)
    my fav place on the earth is Taj Mahal :)

    1. Thank you Kirthi ... Taj Mahal was beautiful.

  2. Oh hun you are looking beautiful..and a felt tip liner which is absolutely waterproof then i need it in my life :)

    1. Thanks sweetie ... yes do get it ... its an amazing product to have.

  3. Are you serious, it costs around 200? btw cool pics sweety :)

    1. Hey thanks a ton Lia... It costs around Rs. 150/- actually. Dirt cheap right :))

  4. i will be waiting for this liner to be launched and you look great sweetz :D

    1. Hey Purva thanks dear ... try it out ... its easier to use