Monday, 21 July 2014

Inglot - AMC Gel Liner / Duraline

There is something magical about those kohl rimmed eyes, it immediately draws attention to your face and more precisely to your eyes. I am a kohl addict, if one day I don't apply a khol on my eyes, I feel sick. People tend to come up and ask "am I not keeping well"

Lot of us might be comfortable with liquid liner. Gel liner seems to be like a task in applying but believe me its no rocket science.  Once you get a hang of it, you will love gel liners more than the liquid ones.

In Today's post,  I will be reviewing two products from Inglot - AMC Gel Liner and Duraline. Many of us might not be aware of Duraline, except the beauty bloggers (who are updated on most of the happening in beauty world) , I shall explain to you in details as we move ahead.

Ingot AMC Gel Eye Liner in 77

Once upon a time I too was a liquid liner freak till the time I discovered the beauty of pot liners. Started off with Maybelline before graduating to Mac Fluidline (which I am so obsessed about). Many brands have come up with pot liners to name few Maybelline, Loreal (being drugstore products) to  Mac, Inglot, Bobbi Brown (being the high end brands). 

Inglot Claims 

High intensity pigments provide ideal coverage and rich colors after just one application. The Creamy and delicate long lasting formula dries in 60 seconds to a water, smudge and crease proof finish.

Price : Rs 950/-

My Experience ... 

It comes in small plastic jar packaging. The jar holds around 5.5 grams of gel liner as compared to Mac Fluidline which holds only 3 grams of product. If you look at the price, Inglot is cheaper than Mac.  That's a small comparison between Mac and Inglot gel liners.

The application of Inglot gel liner is smooth, glides on well without any hiccups. If you are looking out for a gel liner which does not smudge than Inglot is the answer for you.  You can even apply this on your water line without worrying too much about smudging.

Once applied it dries off quiet fast, within seconds,  so if you want to smudge your eye liner for any particular make up look, it has to be quick once applied.

Looking at the flip side - if you take time in blending the liner,  you might not be able to get the required outcome. This gel liner is very dark as compared to Mac or for that matter,  from any other pot liners . Removing the liner is a task, does not come out easily and require a good make up remover to remove it. It does not come with a brush.

SP Rating : 3.5/5

Inglot Duraline 

This is a very versatile product, which can help you in many ways but most commonly used for reviving the dried gel liners. Earlier when my pot liner used to get dried up, I never knew how to revive it and ended up throwing it. On my earlier visit to Inglot store, out of curiosity I asked the SA what is this product all about. I was very impressed with the options that this product can do and ever since it has been on my wishlist. 

Inglot Claims ... 

Silicone polymer forms a breathable film while this waterless clear liquid transforms any powder
into an intense easy to apply liquid.

Price : Rs. 650/-

My Experience ...
The packaging reminds me of old times medicine bottle for kids which use to come with a dropper. It's similar to that with simple yet classy packaging. With the help of the dropper you can take the required product without having to do with any wastage.  

Few benefit of this product is that, you can mix any loose eye shadow powder into a tiny winy drop of Duraline and apply it as a gel eye liner. You can mix it in eye shadow to get a creamy consistency of eyeshadow or blush. It adds that required dimension to the eyeshadow and color stands out very prominently.  The possibilities with this product are infinite, you only need to experiment with it.  

Its that wonder product which is a must have in your stash. Very little is required hence this product will last you for a lifetime, having said that it does have an expiry of 3 years.

SP Rating: 5/5
Final Verdict

Dark, intense and smudge free liner,  is that what your are looking out for, then go for Inglot AMC Gel Liner. I prefer Mac more that Inglot, but in some of my make looks I might prefer using Inglot.
Tip : Always keep your pot liners upside down, this way they don't dry up fast.

Duraline being such a versatile product is a must have in your stash. For one little bottle, this does so many amazing things. Worth every single penny.

Which is your favorite pot liner ???


  1. the inglot liner looks pitch black
    I have never tried
    thanks for the review

    1. Hey Kirthi... it is indeed the blackest pot liner I have come across.

  2. I liked the Inglot one which is rich black! Great review Zahira.

    1. I agree, Inglot is rich black than any other pot liner. Thank you so much for visiting Niehsa means a lot to me.

  3. Wow, the eyeliner is so intense, I love it!
    I know what you mean about not wearing eyeliner; whenever I skip it, my face would look so flat. Seriously flat! Lol.

    1. Hey Tammy , these are very pigmented and smooth in application. The blackest... you will ever get :))

  4. I have recently got mac blacktrack fluidline n loving it completely. .dint know inglot 77 is darker than mac...n duraline looks to b an amazing product ..gud stuff...

    1. Hey Smita... I too love Mac Fluidline. Duraline is the wonder product with many possibilities.....a must have in your vanity :))