Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Kiehl's : Introduction of the Products & My Current Skin Care Regime

There are so many brands in the market which advertise about themselves and get popular. There is one such brand who does not believe in marketing themselves but creates trust among their consumers and get known through word of mouth.

As they believe their products and the end results speaks for them. A happy customer will always have praises about the product and the brand. Of course ! don't forget they are the first one to recommend, but that's obvious.

When you come across something good, you would want your siblings, your friends, colleagues and whom ever you come across to know about it. Trust me ! womens can be lot convincing when they want to sell something :) and what better advertisment then making a women happy and you would know by now half the world knows about it :)) 

Got inspired by Fiona from Peaches and Corals and when I came across Kiehls store @ In-orbit Mall, could not resist myself. The SA was very attentive and patient enough in explaining me all about the products and told me what I should be going for,  as per my skin concerns. 

Bought three full size product, to which I got four samples to complete my skin care regime as insisted by the SA. If I see a progress in my skin or if I happen to like the products then I can go for a full size product, which sounds convincing to me. 

I will break this into four post to cover up each product.  So the first post is more like introduction about all the products that I got from Kiehl's. The second one is about the three products that I purchased, the third  will be focusing on the samples that I got with my purchases and the fourth will be a last post about my skin care regime using these products.

This will help me to keep each post short and sweet. Also will be able to explain you better and give accurate insight about each product, if that makes any sense.  Have been using these products for more then ten days now, what are the pros and cons and how effective are these product , you will get to know in my following post where I will be covering my skin care regime.

So shall we see what I bought from Kiehls store. There's a whole lot of products that I have invested in and this is my current skin care regime.

Three products  that I purchased :

1) Rare Earth Pore Minimizing Lotion :  In short this is their Moisturizer which is made of Amazonian White Clay.

2) Powerful Strength Line- Reducing Concentrate :  This is for fine lines and early signs of ageing.

3) Midnight Recovery Concentrate :  This is to keep your skin hydrated, fresh and restore the appearance of your skin.

Four samples on the above purchase

1) Calendula Deep Cleansing Foaming Face Wash :   A mild face wash for normal to oily skin types.

2) Calendula Herbal Extract Toner :   This goes hand in hand with the face wash and is equally important.

3) Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution : As the name suggest, is corrects the dark spots and clarifies skin tone making visible changes to your skin.

4) Actively Correcting and Beautifying BB Cream : Corrects the irregularities of skin tone.  Can be used daily while stepping out.

Would like to mention here, Kiehl's products has been awarded by Vogue Magazine. Oh la la... as the saying goes if its not in Vogue .................its not in fashion.  I am sure there is lot potential in their products as they are all made from natural ingredients and are free from any preservatives. Shath Prati Shath Shudh  Products:)

That !  more or less sums up my purchase from Kiehls. I am super excited and enthusiastically following the routine as suggested by the SA. For more details and to know more about my personal experience with the Kiehls product, watch this space :)

Are you using any of the Kiehl's product which has worked wonders for you then share with me and I would love to know all about it :)


  1. Wow za! This is a whole lot of Skincare haul and I vouch for the midnight recovery concentrate.

    1. Yes indeed this is whole lot of skin care products. I hope it's much more effective then my expectations :) yes I am currently loving their Rare Earth Moisturizing lotion and of course the midnight recovery works really great

  2. And thank you soooo much for the mention. xx

  3. Kiehl is a great brand .....I swear by Midnight recovery concentrate :)
    And another Brand which I lvoe to the core is Clinque ,even they do not do any sort of branding but all their products are superb :)

    1. You make me want to try the Clinique Skin Care Range... Next on my wish list :))