Friday, 19 September 2014

Things that make me happy :)

Hello Everybody,

Being a woman in today's day and age makes a ton of things to worry about.  So today, I thought to write a post little different then our usual ones.  We all have good and bad days, there are times that we tend to be depressed and low and there are times when we are in the best of  spirits. 

So today's post is more about, things that make me happy in life even when I am feeling very low and depressed. There are times when your near and dear ones  tend to hurt you, though it might not be intentionally.  Otherwise I don't much care about the outsiders who means nothing to me, take it with a pinch of salt and forget it. Maybe just for time being, might give it a thought but that's all about it. 

Worry is a rocking chair which takes you no where, how true is that saying. So when I am depressed over something I just don't want to sit there and keep thinking and sulking over it. The best way,  I try to do things that make me happy and remove me out of the gloom. 

We all have different ways to tackle our mood swings. This is what I do when I not in my best of moods.  

1)  Shopping : I know this sounds more of a confession of a shopaholic, but its true.  Shopping does pep's up my mood. The whole process is so engaging and takes your mind off from your current sulking mode. At the end of the shopping you tend to have satisfactory feeling and a happy smile on your face.

2) Meeting my best friend : The best way to shooo off your depression is to talk about it to someone whom you are very close. Your friend or sibling, whomever you are comfortable with.  A heavy heart can make you all sad, but talking to someone can ease your heavy heart and make you think more rationally. Catching up over a cup of coffee, sharing and spending lighter moments makes huge difference.

3) Music Therapy : Trust me ! music does tend to change your mood swings. Have observed this so many times. Just listen to something nice and soothing or whatever you like to hear. It does have a therapeutic effect on your body and mind. I love listening to a good  music, nice soothing songs and gazals are few of my favourite.  

When we have a fight between us (me and my better half) and are not talking to each other, my better half would put a nice soothing and meaningful songs which breaks the ice between us :), this he does intentionally and I  love this gesture of his :)) 

4) Books : Reading a good book with engaging plot  , makes you forget that you were feeling low few minutes back. Books have this amazing quality in transforming you to a different world  that the author has created. It makes you  feel, like you are a part of that book. 

5) Blog : This blog , I give my chunk of a time to the blog.  Thinking about what content I should be putting on my blog, drafting , clicking pictures, making it more attractive and appealing to all you readers out there.  

I do treasure this little space of mine and it gives me lot of satisfaction when I read your comments which really keeps me motivated. So yes,  it does takes off my mind from what ever is bothering me and I sincerely thank all my readers for being so nice and liking my blog and being part of it. I love you all so much. Thanks for being there with me. 

6) Make up : I am very passionate about the make up. It keeps me occupied and makes me forget everything. Transform me to a different world altogether where my mind keeps playing with the colours and what I can create with it. This is my creative zone :) 

All this little things makes me happy and makes me forget my gloomy mood.

What little things makes you happy when you are feeling low or depressed?


  1. i love to shop and i love that movie..confessions of a shopaholic :D i see myself in that girl :P

  2. I am sure Purva there are lot of girls out there who are similar to the girl shown in "Confession of a Shopaholic" .... The common factor is urge to shop :))

  3. I guess it is same for most of us :)..For me instead of books its movies and a chocolate cake on days I am of it stays same :)

    1. I to love watching movies .... Oops forgot to include in the list. Chocolates I don't prefer much but pastries I can't resist. My weak point :)

  4. I love this post! Lol. I would like to make a similar post on my blog, but I like the exact same things. :-P :-P :-P

    1. Tammy you can still go ahead and do the similar post on your blog, it would still stand apart as it will have your personal touch :)))

  5. these things makes me happy too :) and yeah dark chocolate :P

  6. Lot of girls can't resist chocolates my weakness is pastry :)) how much we look forward to all the sinful act ;))

  7. Happiness is shopping, followed by a good movie. And coffee forever :D

  8. I completely agree with you :)) all this in a sequence makes for wholesome happiness :)))