Thursday, 5 February 2015

The Goa Bride

Hello Everyone,

Goa is special to me as I was born here and have some fond memories of my childhood in my growing up days,  hence I love visiting Goa. It's such a beautiful place. 

As mentioned in my earlier post , today I am going to share with you the insight of the Goa Bridal Make up, that I recently did. 

After analyzing the skin and hair of the bride to be, I noticed that concealing all those pimple marks, pores and pigmentation would take lot of hard work before the base is ready for the final make up. (Please refer the before picture below to know exactly what I am talking about). 

Further on with our bridal discussion, I gave her bridal trial before her wedding and we discussed about her preference in hair and make up. Finally we agreed upon a hairstyle which will be puffed from front and a medium rise bun as she would be taking a dupatta over her head. 

Since the bride had a mono lid, I gave her two different eye make up option to choose from. A normal fashion eye make up and the other one had a brightener on her waterline, to make her eyes appear little bigger. She loved the idea of having an illusion of bigger eyes and hence finalized that eye make up look for the actual day.

For lips she wanted to go bold hence we experimented with few bold colors before going ahead with a bright red lipstick to compliment her make up. All the doubts were discussed during the bridal trial so we were very clear what we wanted on the actual day. 

The bride had to be ready by 5.30 pm hence we started of at around 3.30 pm in achieving her final look. 

She looked beautiful in the whole bridal attire and I am sure,  you will agree with me.

That's all from my end, moving ahead......... will catch up very soon once I am back from my Delhi and Agra trip.

Till then stay happy and blessed.


  1. Ohh my god you just made a transition for her to fab.

  2. Very true...she is looking simply gorgeous..

  3. Shez absolutely looking stunning! Beautifully done Babe :)

  4. Thank you Richa... she was a shy blushing bride :))

  5. She looks great!
    You are sooo talented; I didn't know that you styled hair, too. :o)

    1. Thanks Tammy... Yes I do style hair also. Part & parcel of the package :)

  6. oh my you made her look flawlessly beautiful :)

    1. Thanks Anubhuti ... Little more efforts but not impossible to get the flawless look :))

  7. You did a fabulous job Zahira. She looks so beautiful. You did her hair too!! Thats simply amazing! <3


  8. What a transformation!!! You have covered her pimples so well..

    Flawless makeup....
    Shows your hardwork... Keep going dear.. God Bless..
    Sorry for late comment as I was not in town..