Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Dubai Dairies - Dragon Mart

Hello Friends,

Its been couple of days now that i am on my vacation in Dubai. Yesterday i had been shopping at Dragon Mart which is located at International City. Its a huge mall which covers everything from furniture to jewelry, clothes to home stuff. Unlike malls in India, malls out here are huge and you need to walk a good amount if you want to shop. So wearing something comfortable is advisable.

Lets get started .....

Outside Dragon Mart 

Just after entering in ....

This shop had all the stuff for the home decor...

Artificial flowers were very pretty and attractive. There were shops loaded with the flowers. All in all you have everything under one roof. You could actually spend the whole day in this mall without realizing the time.

There were many shops for purses. Small to large, variety of them to choose from. Michael Korrs ruled most of the purse shops. There were some really good ones and you would definitely get confused which ones to pick up.

There were many shops selling this fashionable gowns or Maxi. The material was awesome and the cut was very feminine. Priced for AED 300 - 350.  This gowns would look pretty good if you are attending a party. 

That's me shopping for purses and accessories. You get some very trendy and chic accessories out here. What i have observed that in this market you can bargain. Not much but till AED 20 they definitely make it less. By the end of the shopping i bet you will be dead tired and your legs would be aching. You can take chances with the bargaining depending on your luck... you might get stuff for a better price.

There were furniture shops which display variety of furniture. Kids room were the most appealing ones.

Finally once the shopping was done we headed to Dubai Mall to catch the fountain show which starts at 7.00 pm in the evening. The fountain show is after every half an hour interval .

Once we enjoyed the fountain show we headed to Tim Horton's for a cup of coffee which was much required after a days tiring shopping. Oh felt so blessed with the warm coffee going down our throat. Felt relaxed before we headed home which was quiet late :)

That was my experience in Dragon Mart which i thought of sharing, just to give a feel of the place. When you visit Dubai next time you know what Dragon Mart is all about and what all you can shop for.

Yesterday we had been to  Global Village. I will cover up Global Village in my next post. A place and attraction in Dubai to watch out for. Since i am on my vacation removing time is a big challenge, i will try posting as and when i get time so stay tuned for more...

Take care and have a lovely day ahead. 

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