Thursday, 10 October 2013

Nivea Body Lotion

Your skin is like a plant, you need to keep it clean, nourish well to keep it fresh, lively and maintain the balance. What happens when you don't water your plant's?.... yes ! it tends to loose life, go dry, get damage due to harsh sunlight and no proper maintenance .

The same goes for your skin. If you don't take care of your skin, it tends to go dry, lifeless, damaged and you tend to look old before time. We have so many examples to learn from yet we don't take care of ourselves due to laziness and come up with so many excuses. All i can say is, its never too late to start, be it men or women we all need to remove some time for ourselves.

Today's review is about Nivea Body Lotion, Whitening Cell Repair & UV Protection and Express Hydration. I have been using the Whitening Cell Repair & UV Protection for couple of months and wanted a change so thought of trying out Express Hydration. Read on to find out more about both the products.

Nivea Claims

Nivea Whitening Cell Repair & UV Protection 
Nivea Whitening Cell Repair & UV Protect Body Lotion is especially formulated with 40 times higher concentration of Vitamin C so as penetrate deep inside your skin and repair it layer by layer and reveal a glowing white skin. It enhances your skin’s natural barrier to fight against sun induced skin damage. It has advanced UV filters that protect your skin from harmful UV rays of the sun and thus prevent skin darkening and premature aging.

  • Whitens skin tone
  • Provides UVA/UVB Protection
  • Repairs dull and damaged skin cells
  • Enhances skin’s natural barrier to fight against skin damage

Nivea Express Hydration
The ultra light formula of NIVEA Express Hydration Body Lotion, with Sea Minerals works deep with the skin, repairing dryness layer by layer to make the skin immediately soft, supple & delicately enwrapped in a blue lotus scent. NIVEA’s unique formula naturally promotes a continuous moisture supply from within for long-lasting soft skin.

  • Delivers ample moisturization
  • Instantly hydrates dry skin
  • Hydra IQ boosts skin’s moisture level
  • Subtle blue lotus scent refreshes you all day
Price :
Whitening Cell Repair : Rs. 310/-
Express Hydration :  Rs. 270/-

Qty : 400 ML

Packaging : Nivea Body Lotion comes in a nice sleek packaging. It has a pump cap on the top which makes it handy and easier to use.

My Experience on Nivea Body Lotion

I have been using the Whitening Cell Repair for couple of months and i am quiet happy with the product.  The Body Lotion is white in color and has a smooth texture but not too runny.  It has got a light pleasant fruity fragrance which linger for quiet some time and is very refreshing .  I use this body lotion just after my shower when the skin is moist, the body lotion absorbs well and helps locking the moisture.  Its light in weight and does not feel heavy on the skin.  As per the claim by Nivea it does helps to remove the tan and prevents skin darkening. It also contains 40 times more vitamin C and fruit extract of Camu-Camu and Acerola which helps in repairing the skin and keeping it moisturized.

Nivea Express Hydration, i have been using for couple of days now and i am quiet liking it.  Its for normal skin and has sea minerals in it.  The texture is the same as Nivea Whitening Cell Repair.  I don't have super dry skin so this body lotion really works great for me.  Its super hydrating then Whitening Cell repair and gives a nice sheen to your body. It has a light pleasant muskier fragrance.  I prefer the fragrance of Whitening Cell Repair more than the Express Hydration.

What i like about Nivea Body Lotion

Smooth and Light Texture
Nice and pleasant fragrance
Keeps your body soft and hydrated
Easy to use packaging
Removes tan and prevent from darkening

What i don't like about Nivea Body Lotion

I don't think there is anything i dislike

SP Rating : 5/5

Final Verdict

It's a very good product for everyday use.  Affordable and meet the necessary requirement.  Hydrates and moisturize the skin, It's best to use just after the shower.  I would definitely recommend this product !!!

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  1. I have used Nivea Cell Repair and its a great product as comparative to other body lotions.