Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Faces Canada Stackable Sparkle Dusts (Pigments)

Faces Canada Stack-able Sparkle Dusts are loose shimmer eye shadow pigments. These highly concentrated, shimmery loose color pigments come in an interesting row of small jars stacked one over another. They come in a five to 8 small jars.

When I first saw this jars I fell in love with those beautiful colors, to add to my excitement I also discovered that they were highly pigmented, have very less fall out and were inexpensive for the number of colors you get in one stack. 

Made from 100% Mica, these loose powder mineral based pigments are in demand! The versatility of the product allows them to be used alone or mixed with your favorite nail polish and lip gloss to create many of new shades

Very little is required and hence this sparkle jars last long.  It’s like a fine powder and comes in beautiful colors. You can either apply this over your eye shadow or just apply the pigment itself. Whether attending a wedding or a party, you can play around with different colors from sober to smokey look, you can worked it up for getting more dramatic look.  

Not so expensive

Beautiful colors
Good pigmentation
Last long
The colors really stand out
Sturdy packaging

All the jars are stacked to gather. So if you want any one from the stack you have to carry the whole stack as you can’t separate one single jar from the other.

Faces Canada Stackable Sparkle Dusts (Pigments) a stack of 5 jar comes for INR 699/-

Rating: 9/10

Final Verdict
It’s definitely a good buy and totally worth the money.


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