Thursday, 6 June 2013

Loreal 4D Architect Mascara

L’Oreal now introduces the concept of Lash Architect 4D – a false lash effect in 4 Dimensions. In all seriousness, the 4 Dimensions L’Oreal refers to are – Volume, Length, Texture and Curl.

It claims that it’s the first mascara with sculpting fibers to wrap each lash giving them a magnetic 4D effect. It has 4mm long fibers which are undetectable and ultra supple. Besides that I'm quite happy to know this L'oreal Lash Architect 4D Mascara has the waterproof formula too!

Packaging: When I first saw this Mascara on the Loreal counter I was much attracted towards its color (the body is in teal color with a silver metallic cap) and also its shape which I must say is very attractive piece of work, thou I very well knew that just by getting attracted to the packaging is not going to serve my purpose :)) , hence I took a small demo of the mascara from the Loreal representative. 

The Wand: The wand is long, narrow, slim and fitted to an angle which makes it easier to apply the mascara.  The wand has a good length as compared to the other brands. Somehow I find this angle and length quiet good and easier while applying the mascara thou initially you might find it little odd as we are quiet used to small wands.

Bristles and Texture: The bristles of the wand are fine, sleek and designed in such a way thus help to catch up on all the small hair of the eyelid. Texture is smooth thou the curl effect is not that great. I like how black the color is. It does not stiffen, clump or harden your lashes after drying up. 

Past and Present: Earlier I was using Chambor Mascara which I was not too happy with. It used to make my eye lashes clumpy and heavy. It also used to give me an irritation so I had to discontinue using it. I wanted mascara which would give me length & volume. I was quiet happy picking up this mascara as it serves more than my purpose for everyday use and by far this is the best mascara I have come across. Its waterproof, does not smudge, gives me the required volume and length, Thou the curling effect is not that great but all in all I will say this is good mascara in all the other areas.  


Application: The key is to gently wiggle the applicator back and forth to separate the lashes. Apply double quote if the need be.

Packaging is very classy & impressive
Smooth Texture
Gives you good volume and length
Does not clump, stiffen or harden lashes after drying
Easy to apply

Does not curl

Loreal 4D Architect Mascara is priced at INR 735/-

Rating: 7/10

Final Verdict 

After going in so much detailing, pros and cons I would say this is a good pick. Gives you length, volume, thou curling effect is not so great. Good for everyday wear, gives you a nice soft look. Does not stiffen, clump or harden lashes after drying. Thou I must say for Mascara the price is little expensive. If it does not pinch your pocket then this product is great.

Tip: While applying your mascara/linear it’s better to switch off the fan as it will save your mascara /linear in the bottle /tube in drying up fast.

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