Wednesday, 5 June 2013

David Off The Game - For Men

Never underestimate the stakes.
Always play fair.
Master the rules and leave nothing to chance.
Because life is a game and the winner takes it all.......


 For: Men

Year Introduced: 2013
Perfumer: Bernard Ellena
Recommended Wear: Day and Evening
Dress Code: Casual

Introduced in 2013 accompanied by the tagline “winner takes all”, The Game is the most recent masculine fragrance from David off. 

The bottle that holds this essence represents “the embodiment of success” and “a bold declaration of intent”, the glass is transparent and replicates the shape of some Casino tokens (gaming chips), placed one above the other, just ready to be used for the great play. The color scheme is a mix of grey and black, providing the ensemble with substance. As for the video commercial, this relates to the world of high players and casinos, a good reference for the inspiration behind the name.

  The Game" is cold in character but also kind of a dark scent so the color of the bottle is complementary with the scent itself. The gin note is strong and berry notes are even stronger. It's a great fresh and clean fragrance, not too strong or overpowering.

Davidoff the Game is available in 50ml for INR 3200/-& 100ml for 4200/-.

Top Notes: Gin and Juniper Berries
Middle Notes: Iris and Precious Woods
Base notes: Ebony Wood

Final Verdict
It’s not going to stun anyone with its originality but has huge mass-market appeal. The fragrance is long lasting and idle for summer wear and evening party. It’s little strong to wear this perfume in winters. When you first spray the perfume, it might be mild but then the fragrance builds up to much stronger notes.Pick it up only if you like stronger notes in a perfume.

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