Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Desperate in Dubai

Recently spotted this book called "Desperate in Dubai" by Ameera Al Hakawati. Was little skeptical in picking up this book though I quiet liked the epilogue.

Many a times, it so happens after reading the epilogue you expect the book to be interesting and engaging, but as you read on, you are in for a disappointment. It has happen so many times with me.

Still ! I went ahead and picked up this book as I was intrigued and curious to know about the insight of Dubai's high class life, the way they live, and so on.  I could easily connect to the book as I have stayed there for quiet some time.

This book was banned in Dubai and it has again manage to grace the shelves. It's a National best seller. The story revolves around the lives of four women who live, love, and labor in the sparkling Gulf city of Dubai.

I was hooked on to this book from the word go. Keeps you totally engrossed and wanting for more.  As you read on, you would want to know everything till the end. That's the fun of reading a good book. 

SP Rating : 5/5

If you live in Dubai, then you will certainly connect with this book and will get the thrill of knowing the other side of Emirati lives (beautiful women's in hijab, men in candoura, fast pacing high end luxury cars, breathtaking villas, oodles of money, power and the life behind those intriguing  huge gates of villa), if you are not living in Dubai,  then  you still will be fascinated and would want to visit the place just to see the  kind of life that has been described .        

I would highly recommend this book to everyone. It's fun, spicy and easy going. You wont be able to keep the book down till you know everything that's happening , which makes it worth reading.


  1. I was dor a while around there. I know what does glam and luxury mean to n Dubia and interested in finding and reading this book.

    1. Then I am sure you will connect to this book. Worth reading !!!