Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Hairstyles for different occasions

Hello Beauties !

Yes you .... those beautiful hair can be styled in so many ways but we often tend to ignore the hairstyle and focus more on our outfit and make up.  That's not fair says the hair, I am the crown of your head, makes you look beautiful and feminine. Then why do I get ignored ???

Today's post is all about the hairstyle . There are hairstyles for every occasion, be it wedding, reception, sangeet, party, casual outings to name few. 

Hairstyles are done,  taking into consideration your body and  head proportion, accordingly what will suit you best. 

Just like your make up you can make a style statement with your hairstyle  and grab the attention with out making much efforts. 

Past few days, had immersed myself into hairstyles. Make up and Hair does go hand in hand. There are many  hairstyle's that I have created but  can't list everything in one post. So lets check out the different hairstyles that I have  worked upon in past few days.

Starting from .... 

The French Roll : Classic yet contemporary -  be it any occasion this style never runs out on trend.  

Fishtail Braid : Elegant and graceful .. you can carry this fishtail braid and make a style statement in any party you attend. 

Four Strand Bun : So chic and feminine. Apt for causal party 

The Classic Bridal Bun :  Do I need to say anything more the name says it all :)

The Rope Braid Bun : This can be worn as a braid as well as bun . A simple yet elegant hairstyle 

The Greecian / European Hairstyle : This hairstyle takes lot of time but looks very chic and outstanding. For those who love soft romantic hairstyle. 

The Buffoun  hairstyle with a twist : This hairstyle is apt for any special occasion. 

Buffoun Hairstyle with a contemporary touch :  This hairstyle also takes lot of time but looks classy and different. 

Which hairstyle you liked the most from the above, drop me your comment and feedback.. Would love to hear from all of you.

I enjoyed creating the above hairstyles, hope you guys liked it as much I do.  That's all from my end and we shall catch up again very soon .

Till then stay blessed and connected. 


  1. I love, love, love the fishtail braid bun, but my hair is so thin. :-S Lol. The four-strand bun looks like a possibility, though! :o)

  2. i love fishtail and rop briad buns :) easy to do and quick :)