Friday, 1 August 2014

Oh Look ! What's in my Fab Bag

August already ??? how and when ??? . In no time I will be wishing you Happy New Year. Its scary the way time is running and so is your life, do you realise this ???  Any how ! getting on with todays post ...

For the first time I subscribed to Fab Bag which is similar to the concept of Envy Box, have done a post on Envy Box earlier incase you want to go through. 

When the parcel arrived at my door step,  a couple of days earlier, was excited to unbox it. My expectaions were quiet under control with this box but.... to my surprise .... when i peeked into my bag and saw the products that were there inside.... I was thrilled. 

Moving ahead .... Let me explain about the Fab Bag.

Fab Bag is a monthly subscription box where you receive 3 deluxe cosmetics & beauty products from top global brands,  plus expert tips-n-tricks that will help you get the most out of every product. Try them and discover what works for you.

Sounds good then lets take a peek at their current subscription rates ...

Choose Your Plan :
Price Per Month :
per month
per month
per month
per month
One-Time Payment :
Total Saving :
16% OFF
25% OFF
33% OFF

Fab Bag for the month of July is a royal shade of violet which I totally love... and this is what I received in my bag.

Iraya Wheatgerm Facial Massage Cream Sample 
Price : Rs. 495/- for 50 gm
Ingrediants : Wheat Germ, Orange, Sesame & Lavender.

Quiet excited to try this out, the ingredient looks very promising though am little concerned about the seasame oil in it as I have a combination skin. How this facial cream fares, would only know once I have used this for couple of times, so lets wait and watch. 

BioBloom Dandruff Control Oil + Cleanser 

Price : 
Bio Bloom Dandruff Control Oil - Rs. 499/- for 100 ml
Bio Bloom Dandruff Control Cleanser -  Rs. 699/- for 200 ml

Thrilled to receive this product in my Fab Bag.  I do have a dandruff in my hair and have used so many products but of no use.  Really looking forward to try this out. After using this for couple of days would surely do a deatiled review. The product looks very promising with its natural ingredients. The Biobloom Oil contains Tea Tree and Tumeric while the cleanser contains Tea Tree, Rosemary and Ylang Ylang . Have a very high expectations from this product, cant wait to get started on this. 

Beauty UK Jumbo Eye Liner and Eye Shadow 
 Price for full size : Rs. 450/-

This jumbo pencil has an eyeliner on one end and eyeshadow or a colored pencil  on the other side. In my case it's a beautiful turqoise shade.  You can expiriment with this pencil in creating look on the go. The packaging is quiet travel friendly. 

Cell Renew Deep Smoothing Body Lotion 

This came as a free sample in my Fab  Bag. Powered by 30X vitamin E beads to repair your skin damage cell by cell. Form a protective layer, prevent the breakdown of collagen due to harmful sunrays and fortify your skin against damage by free radicals. 

All this along with a renewal offer which provides 5% discount on subscribing for the next bag.

You can subscribe to Fab Bag by clicking on this link :

SP Rating : 4/5

Final Verdict
Overall, I am very happy to receive all this goodies in my July Fab Bag.  Tempts me to subscribe for the next edition.

Did you recieve your Fab Bag, if yes then do share what goodies did you landed up with.

It been ages that I tried any make up look.  Being Ramadaan had taken a forced break from expirimenting anything new as my schedule was tight pack. Now that Ramadaan is over ...I am back to my creative best :))  Can you guess.... what the next make up look would be????  A small hint -  its a celebrity inspired look.

Thats all for today's wishing everyone a Happy Weekend... Take care and make the most of it.... Enjoy !!!


  1. I dunno why bt these sample bags dont interest me much...the only 1 I have been wanting ti try is the memebox...lets c wen though...u enjoy wid ur new products :)

    1. I too heard a lot about Memebox... lets see when :))

  2. I know this year is flying so fast :(
    hey this months bag is really nice and i like that purple textured bag
    enjoy the new goodies :)

    1. Thank you Kirthi...the textured bag, i too loved it !!!

  3. You got great goodies!
    Happy Sunday doll.

    1. This is indeed an awesome stuff... Thank you Sweetheart ... Have a rocking day ahead

  4. Nice goodies you got here :) x

  5. You have got some nice stuffs Zahira

  6. Wow, "wheatgerm facial massage cream" sounds so enticing! Lol. I'm so into skincare right now. :o)

    1. Sounds enticing to me too :) Hey Tammy any suggestion for a nice anti ageing cream..