Thursday, 3 July 2014

Instagram Vol 5

Instagram pictures are always fun to look at and see what everyone are up to.   In this busy world, when its difficult to connect in person with your family and friends,  that's where social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram plays an important role to keep you in touch with the  others on a daily basis. Capture and share your life with family and friends, this way you are connected to your loved ones without making much efforts.

Lets check all the moments come to life in my Instagram  pictures.


Hope you guys like my Instagram Pictures.  It's fifth day of fasting and I am kinda getting used to the routine. Rains have given an added relief from the heat. I keep trying different recipes for snacks and appetizers so you can expect more of recipe post in coming days.

That's all for today, will catch up again, very soon.. till then take care and happy weekend.


  1. nice..your niece looks too cute

    1. Hey thanks Simran... they are very adorable and naughty :)