Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation & Stay Matte Concealer

I keep searching for good foundation which would not make my T-zone shiny and would give me a good coverage. In past, I have experimented with lot of other foundations  from various brands. 

Among the ones that I have used,  hooked on to Mac Studio Fix and Bourjois Happy Light Foundation. Which reminds me to mention here, Mac has increased its price on all the products. Earlier it was pricey and now it's become more pricey.  

Today's post is about my latest pick, Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation and Stay Matte Concealer.

Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation 

What it claims 
A match so perfect, it's undetectable in any light! Light Perfecting radiance foundation Traceless coverage and perfectly flawless skin under any light Lasts all day. SPF 18.

Price : Rs. 645/-

My Experience with Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation

The packaging is neat, simple and eye catching with transparent bottle and bold blue cap.

Its light, and blends like a dream. Easy to apply without looking cakey or patchy. Build-able medium coverage and gives a lovely finish.

Shade : Soft Beige 200


My Views
It looks very natural and gives a nice dewy look. Blends like a dream. The texture is soft that it spreads just like a butter. Like the feel of it on my skin. I have used this foundation in Turquoise Make up Look. Its quiet reasonably priced as compared to other Foundations available in the market. Overall I feel it is a nice budget friendly product. Lasting power is as good as 6-7 hours.

When I first used this foundation, realized that my T-zone was getting oily,  I thought it might be because of the Rimmel Match Perfection foundation but on further observation I realized it was Avene Sunscreen which was making my T-zone shiny. Though Avene Sunscreen is a nice product but probably its not suitable for my combination skin .

SP Rating : 4/5

Rimmel Stay Matte Concealer

What it claims 
Blend-able dual action concealer. Covers imperfections without clogging the pores
The inner core gently treats blemishes

Shade : Soft Beige 

Price : Rs.440/-

Comes in a stick form, twist just like a lipstick for the product to be visible.  Travel Friendly

Though the texture feels little dry but I don't see any problem in blending.

My Experience with Rimmel Stay Matte Concealer

Do I use concealer daily??? No I don't use concealer daily but I like to keep few concealer's which gives a good coverage in my stash for the days when I need them.  That's what got me into experimenting with Rimmel Stay Matte Concealer and this is what I have to share with you guys.

I like the packaging, makes it convenient to carry around. The inner core is in light green color which is suppose to treat the blemishes and the outer core helps to conceal the dark circles without clogging.

I have picked the shade Soft Beige, It does a decent job in concealing the dark circles. Blends well and does not crease. Light to medium dark circles will conceal really well with this one but if you have dark rigid ones then I don't think this will work that effectively.  Stays on for 5-6 hours.  It does a great job on me when I team it up with orange brightener.

I have used this concealer in my latest make up look. Colorful Eye Make up.

SP Rating : 3.5/5

Final Verdict 

Both are great product, provided it suits your skin tone and requirement. I am loving this foundation and the way it blends so swiftly. Rimmel Stay Matte Concealer does a great job in concealing my dark circles when I team it up with orange brightener,  keeps you looking fresh for a longer time.

Have you come across any good concealer which does a brilliant job at concealing the under eye dark circles , then do share with us.

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