Sunday, 19 January 2014

Winter Sale Shopping - Trend Alert !

Hope you guys had a great weekend !!!

I am loving the winter season  in Mumbai. Its fun to shop for winter collection especially when you get to enjoy the winter season. Just imagine the chill in the wind and you are sitting in a coffee shop with warm clothes and sipping a hot coffee. Hmmmmmm... love it !!!

Today's post is about the " Sale Sale Sale" everywhere, how can we resist the temptation if we see in such big bold letters " SALE". I am sure you would agree with me (Winking!). 

Few days back, visited Hill Road at Bandra and did some window shopping. I picked up a nice kurti with collar, a top and a T-shirt. I liked the kurti as it was different than the normal ones that you get. The top is in transparent black material with print on it and a hot red Tommy Hilfiger T-shirt. (check the pictures below) 

Printed Kurti : Rs. 550/- 
Black printed top : Rs. 450/- 
Tommy Hilfiger T-shirt : Rs. 750/-

My next destination was Pantaloons where I picked up  one top from "AND", One from "VAN HEUSAN",  one denim jeans from "JEALOUS" and one more top from "BARE DENIM". It was a quick pick, as I had other agenda that day on my list.  The top that I picked up from AND -  is in plain mustard kurta style with little work done on sleeves and maroon piping. The color is bright and goes well on me. The top from VAN HEUSAN is  in beige color, sleeveless with short in front and long from behind. A simple top and could be worn on any colored pants.  The top that i picked up from BARE DENIM is a simple pink and white checkered long shirt style and goes really well on a dark blue denim jeans.Sorry I was not able to click pictures of the jeans from JEALOUS, but to describe it, its a nice universal color of denim and would go on any top.

AND Mustard Shirt : Rs. 1800/-
VAN HEUSAN Beige Top : Rs. 1100/-
Bare Denim Pink Chekered Shirt : Rs. 999/-
Jealous Denim Jeans : Rs. 1700/-

I noticed there was a sale in Zara.. (how can i miss that... I love their collection). In sale when you like something and you don't get your size can be dam frustrating. I picked a nice baby pink jeans and a beige printed top which is short in front and long from behind (its a trend going on now days).  For my better half I picked up a nice leather Jacket in English grey and brown combination, from the new collection in Zara... loved it !!!

Zara Printed Beige Top : 1100/-
Pink Pant : 2240/-
Winter Leather Jacket (Male) : Rs. 7000/-

Zara has a nice collection of winter wear... Leather jackets were fantastic in different designs, there was no sale on jackets. There were some nice figure hugging skirts, Plazzo pants, Maxi style dress and many more fashionable stuff to explore. To my surprise the kids section at Zara was also very happening.

Printed pants / jeans is also quiet in fashion, team it up with plain tops and it looks quiet trendy on wearing. There are variety of prints to choose from. Another trend which is quiet in, is long Maxi dress, team it up with suitable accessories and it looks great and very feminine.

This was my shopping at Bandra Hill Road, Pantaloons and Zara.  During the sale time,  just don't have the patience to stand in a queue for the trial room, to avoid this,  I usually visit the store on week days or the first thing in the morning where there is less crowd and hassles.

Yesterday night went out and I had worn Zara's Pink Pant along with the Beige top from Van Heusan. (Picture below). 


Read this quote and thought of sharing with you guys........This one is funny :)

" Marriage is a Workshop..........where husband works and wife shops " 

" Sweating while you shop........counts as  exercise" 

Dam busy with house renovation and shopping for sisters trousseau. I am really enjoying the shopping and would cover up step by step, of all the things we bought for the wedding trousseau, stay tuned and watch this space for more......

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